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RL: Archer

RL commission for :iconkashiita:

Tried out a slightly different coloring method, kinda like how it turned out, but gawd my armmmm. @__@

hope you like it~ ^^

EDIT: lol added the arrow. *uber fail*

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Ohh really cool ! :love:

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So yummy.. 
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Your art is great! Just... use a reference if you're going to draw something you don't know much about.
Oh and the arrow is on the wrong side of the bow unless he was using the mongolian style of shooting which clearly hes not :p lol hope this helps for the next pic
Good picture but if you want it to be more realistic the bow should be way more bent and the character is drawing the bow back way to far for it to be an accurate shot and his grip on the sting would put way to much strain on his fingers
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Very well done, like the shading and color usage most of all.
But unfortunately there is no draw back on the bow itself. once he lets go of the string the arrow wont go anywhere and the string will just droop. ^^;
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I think you should give this a look.

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A bit of critique about the bow. When pulling back on an arrow, the shaft rests on the top of the thumb with the tip of the thumb used to stop the arrow from falling sideways. The dominant hand then pulls, the back of the fletching between the fore finger and middle finger, the bow string being pulled by these fingers. If someone shot an arrow the way portrayed in your picture here, they would never be able to pull it back far enough, would have bad aim either way, a chance of the arrow falling at thier feet, and if it is shot, the the left hand's fingers would be cut by the fletching.
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Love him, the colors, how well you did the Bow and Arrow striking and aiming pose... I LOVE IT!
Its outstanding work!
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for some reason, can't stop staring him. O////O
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its really good ^^ but that arm there that is holding the bow looks lil deformed just a lil though.
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String is too long, arrow is too long, bow is not strained, the hold of both hands are wrong and the aiming is wrong. This is a good coloring work ruined by lack of understanding archery.
The quiver is on the wrong side
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Lolol, very nice. I love the coloring :)

But that's not how you aim an arrow! :D
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this a charcter you made up??? you have any more pics of them?
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where's the arrowhead??? or is he just gonna stick em? :D
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The type of arrow shown here is used often by native Amazonians, dipped in poison. No need for an arrow head when the animal falls down dead seconds after being shot anyways.
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cool ! I loved it ! ^^ *favourite*
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this is really good but the arrow is pulled back further than is possible with a bow of that size. Actually everything about the act of shooting a bow is wrong.
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