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Backstage Pass Greenlight Banner

By tooaya

If you have a steam account and would like to see BP on steam, please help upvoting the game here!

Hi guys! I'm sure a lot of you have heard this already, but we are really really close in finishing BP.  In fact, we've just opened pre-order last night, and we've also put the game up on steam greenlight. I did this pic as greenlight banner--if you saw the one on steam, here's the bigger version (with a smaller logo).  

For those of you still unfamiliar with Backstage Pass, it's a dating sim where you play as Sian Goodin, a college student and make up artist as she navigates the world of showbiz in a year's span. 
You can check out the game trailer here:… </b>, with snippets of animated OP, made by Studio DEEN. 

We've all been giving our best for this game, and we'd really appreciate it if you can help by spreading the word out! Thank you in advance!
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Woa it's really cool *-* 
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Wow! How long have you been working on this? It looks great!
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I gave you the thumbs up! Good luck with it on steam! <3
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I'm super excited for this to come out!! I voted on Steam, so I hope it makes it! Good luck! =^_0=
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thank you very much!
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You're very welcome!! =^_^=
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wow omg! this game looks TOTALLY AWESOME!! The guys are gorgeous and the animations look soo realistic! good job xD btw, is this going to be a free game or do we have to buy it? (lol the question poor ppl like me always ask)
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It's not free, but there might be free giveaways or discounts in the future.
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Oh I see, I need to start working then xD
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how much will this be? *A*
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I am so looking forward to this! I upvoted you guys on Steam. I really hope you guys get loads of success and moolah from Backstage! Sixteen endings means a CRAPLOAD of art so I really wish you the best of luck. Your art is so lovely, it's exciting, but I hope it doesn't wear you down!
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If I can remember my account and password, I'll see if I can vote for you guys ;)
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Dat trailer. :icondatassplz:
Great job, guys! I can't wait till it comes out. :la:
Mr. Shy Blondie definitely sold me on this. :iconmingplz:
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even made my bf greenlight it too just to help support you and I'd definitely play it (as in make him buy it for me lol)
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It looks amazing! *o* //I'll spread the word! ^u^ 
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This actually looks really good, the animation is just amazing :O

I won't buy this game myself (Sry, but I'm not really a big fan of the "date boys" dating sims xD) but I will do my best to support you anyways :D I can at least vote for it on Steam and I wish you the best of luck with the launch ^^

Oh, and happy holidays!
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