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BG speedpaint set

Done for class as concept art to a mystery game. About 2 hours for each scene.
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SweetPopochan's avatar
wow this looks really amazing :)
how do you prepare yourself for these? do you first search for references? would be interesting to know :)
tooaya's avatar
I didn't really use references for these.  They just came from the impressions I've had of a tropical island in my head lol
Laydenn's avatar
What an amazing drawings
aniwablue's avatar
Wow, so pretty! Very well done!
aizerengendro's avatar
asfhhafshafsha woooww!!
studiogdm's avatar
allieh465d's avatar
WOAAAH You are awesome at backgrounds! You seem to use a lot of texture brushes, I guess that might be key to drawing lush bgs :O
tooaya's avatar
not really lol;; It's just a bad habit. It's actually recommended to avoid texture brushes when painting. v-v;
allieh465d's avatar
Why would it be a bad habit? ^^ It is fun to draw with textured brushes. Although I never know how to use them :O <3 I still love how you draw backgrounds!
tooaya's avatar
because it's really easy to get addicted to using them and never really learn the basics of painting. A lot of the beginner paintings tend to look overly textured, and that shows that the person's only abusing the texture brushes without actually knowing how to paint.
allieh465d's avatar
Hehe yea if you use them instead of drawing, but if it is mild texturing giving an effect which you cant really get unless you use a real brush I think it´s good. :) There are a load of different types of textures I guess :O
Tsumerai-Kyon's avatar
Where did you learn to do such amazing stuff? O.O
MonicaBarcelos's avatar
Awesome!! Master, teach us!
hizuki24's avatar
Wow! Tutorial plz!
kemodji's avatar
Oh.... 2 Hours make a tutorial on how you make this I am beginning
RinneMei's avatar
please make a tutorial on how you make this;; this is just so-- awesome!!
Infinite-Stardust's avatar
2 hours for each scenes? @.@ I'm flabbergasted! These are awesome for a speed paint!
s0larclaw812's avatar
Oh, wow. These are really pretty and exotic!

Great job ^^

Oh, and sorry about the :+fav:-raid ^^;
Mochi-ShiroKuma's avatar
Amazing! You're awesome!! Great work *-*
elara-ia's avatar
wow! it's really beautiful!
Zokkaka's avatar
OMG so cool *^* u should teach me ;u;
RitzNinja's avatar
Mamiru's avatar
2 hours?!?! :iconpapcryplz: so fast, these are gorgeous
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