Our Beautiful World
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Our World is full of magical places, pieces of land surrounded by water. If u need some peace inside you, make an hike to there and see how beautiful can be Nature.

The Lonely Tree by IsacGoulart S E P T E M B E R by Erni009 Careful as You Pass by Cogito-Ergo-Doleo:thumb24952620: autumn aspens by collectiveone:thumb44579422::thumb42005773: Silent Park by Grimdar BreeZ by lowapproach Raios de Luz by too-much4you The Tree by ageai Winter Wonderland by jjuuhhaa Ice Tower by MarcAdamus:thumb57857728: Mountain View Steam by MarcAdamus Just saying goodbye by PhilipMatthews Under Heavens by Erni009 Curves by waleed-DP:thumb28017613: Duna by too-much4you C4D Icing Fog 2 by cravingfordesign Regatta de blanc by Crossie Forest Mist ll by littlemewhatever:thumb53364263: m o r n i n g by onealz:thumb61841805: Fields of corn by smh- side by Side by too-much4you:thumb42935715: Wind And Wuthering IV by Pixydream:thumb53072626::thumb65750703: finding middle earth by zeroskyy A World Above by iamgoatman Tempest by justinblackphotos:thumb46853210::thumb46968373::thumb49309386: City of rock by joffo1 Tibetan High Plateau I by FelixTo Poland 9 by lonelywolf2:thumb56733983: Wonderland by tomaskaspar Serenity by Solkku as far as by detail24 Vale das Furnas by too-much4you Absorbed Light by PictureElement Start the Journey by itash Crossing The Field... by lowapproach Similarity 3 by AntonioAndrosiglio paesaggio - VIII by GiacomoIlari La punta del Hidalgo II by MenceyDigital:thumb24141375:

And about water, you know how important it is, and how must we need it, waterscapes is good inspiring tool to our mind, the vastness.Don't pollute the water.

:thumb22658403: Structure of Simplicity by xMEGALOPOLISx Conspiration by Chacalxxx DIVE by jinchilla:thumb46404764: Nightside of Eden by Solkku Une nuit des epilobes by jjuuhhaa Passion by bliz first snow by Ivan-Suta Serenity by smh- Outpost by londonxpress A sunrise scene by AntonioAndrosiglio The Shipwreck by Inebriantia Algae Stones by jjuuhhaa Vale Currais by too-much4you SHEsawSEAshore (print) by halo-monk:thumb29712744: Rivinnokka by koposs Seascape VI..... by dachimas:thumb54000333: Zona Rochosa by too-much4you Afterglow by ageofloss Vodopadi na Cijevni by godislove A reflection by AntonioAndrosiglio quiet by Knecke:thumb49674967: The Pool by iamgoatman an island by werol Magic Light by NunoPires:thumb63045835::thumb61701492: feel it by orang3 Sweden 18 by mjagiellicz Rocks And Pole by DenisOlivier Branche2 by correiae Se souvenir... by julie-rc Fisherman by xMEGALOPOLISx Until the end of the day II by etchepare The watchers by pedroinacio Isla San Nikolas by DenisOlivier:thumb54255592::thumb53795712::thumb52250462: The headlight by julie-rc:thumb64242700: edge by detail24 f i s h p o n d by nilgunkara Serenity by ChristineAmat 02 by BlasphemedSoldier:thumb61144047::thumb60738114::thumb59151623::thumb59268758: Aguas do Tejo by too-much4you A New Era by InfernalFear:thumb26346560: 7 Days 2 ... - Director's Cut by jadden Twilight by zevaazka --- by jadden I saw the light .. II by KariLiimatainen lazy by werol A World In Balance by gilad Colorful dreams.. I by closer-to-heaven

After you see the land and the water, you see the decoration of the world, plants, flowers, and many animals, they all are details that give much more live to the life.

Undershine Revised by The-Definition golden by bryan-cuttance Holding Life In My Hands by Jpp Butterfly by too-much4you warm sound by zuckerfuss The Swan by kharax Photo - Captured Beauty by tigaer:thumb45452104::thumb44766869: Forget me not - 12 by anjali:thumb42398565: Colours of Autumn by sickeningpessimist Untitled flower by xessencex The Lost World by ageofloss calyx IV by tineoidea The Saltation of Pardeutoign by humors leader by detail24 hidden beauty by jermio Naissance by pourquoipas Harmony by too-much4you Tears On Her Lips by S3BR4:thumb32119023::thumb54821423: SunFlower by poraschaudhary:thumb53033923::thumb52454295::thumb50629070: Yellow in between by Qa9ed2000:thumb46807247::thumb65974972: Cosmo blu by Sonny2005:thumb64963976: In Requiem by JeanFan:thumb63339827: hielo by inhumano Love by too-much4you:thumb58112884: Soft Hearted by photonig:thumb50255728: Blue Rebirth by KsenKAT:thumb55308344::thumb50026312: Jelly by Jayster550 Panthera Pardus Orientalis by DuvallGear:thumb43421392: silent by detail24:thumb19628863::thumb64477823: Sunfly by MountainPsyche:thumb58993443: Tripudio di colori by valentina85 Circles Background by too-much4you Ladybird by Kharman Galaxy Scales by ewm:thumb56230139::thumb54723054: Green-veined White by PeterK:thumb53502976: Dead Mother's Children by kurtywompus:thumb41490921: Little Lady by justinblackphotos:thumb29284313::thumb29544341::thumb23804827: Field of Dreams by justinblackphotos Bee by Triagon sunwalker by hermik A Leaf by HolgaVision Nostalgia V by whathisname Solaris by Aiae Chimeara 01 by Aiae Redeye by Ylla-K awakening by prismes ball of fire by julie-rc aurora borealis by julie-rcmaple spring by prismes:thumb51394687:Quartier des dames by Cristel-m:thumb65705069::thumb61092151:Evening Nap by tidesendicarus by matthieumarangoni:thumb54719628:EVERY STEP YOU TAKE... by halo-monk055 by ThierryVCBL - Study CXIII by pedroinacioNectar by devknu:thumb35662397::: standing alone :: by DreeamyEyesw a t e r d r o p s by carlobSeasons by Jayster550Life Support System by asianrabbitThe Question Is by princessmartini:thumb60657774::thumb58306696:pousada num ramo by too-much4you.spikes of pollen. by hiddenmemoryxHello, Morning by IgorLaptevSunset... by EtkinElephant tracks by mpoliza:thumb33457760::thumb9399006:When The Time Comes by ageoflossSpeech by dcamachoI Looked at the Sun by CowtownHeroPollenating Season by asianrabbitHave a Banana by stetre76

Our world isn't only composed by beautiful landscapes, we all need a home, the cities are important too, we all need some privacy, and comfort, we have great examples of beautiful architecture surround us.

The Bullring by nasigorengDowntime by takitusForeign Nature by dlusion:thumb37389083:r-white-evisited by khao-peteBerlin.Series.1 by FelixTo:thumb26515212::thumb23603255:Docking by NightlineTiki Stance by takitustrapped in a box by ssilenceh.r.s by priscilla-worldInner Vortex by lxrichbirdsfPlans by pAiXAuMDot Room by joejoesmoeLight by pAiXAuMExistentialism by dinmeleth2004:thumb43626942::thumb43431676:-blanc- by calmeazukiro no kaori by sleuropethreetwoone by pebcak:thumb59693243:Great Court by DianaCretuProfile by LutherBashcanary wharf by immitationoflifeSidelines by mmmmikoMagnificence by kevinwongceiling by herbstkind:thumb10181069::thumb10076380:Smooth Decline by takitusNuvens de vidro by too-much4youAngle of Fall by Nightlineblitz by cansroxtre D by chromaphobiaIvory ear by paikan07yellow by Dimrosta87B L U E O V E R M E by paperDOllDeCaYingArchitecture by too-much4youNautilus by paikan07urban eclipse by bosniakEl Ghriba by bosniak:thumb31471173:the missing tooth by bosniak:thumb30763088::thumb30525026:iperboloids by chromaphobiaDark by too-much4youThe Scream by kil1kVulcania by auree:thumb24450608:Musical Stave by dcamachoAbstraction in architecture by petemc:thumb22383590::thumb21919027:dream vortex by bosniakALTERNATE PERSPECTIVE by 8088Unwind by nico-blueAttention please by sputnikpixele l e v A t i o n by bosniakInfluenced by scourosIn.Spired by Traspaefrozen wave by dojoh:thumb52898682:Double Plaidinum... by CommanderDex:thumb52487540::thumb52216768::thumb51704098::thumb50285080::thumb50204432::thumb48215792::thumb44832587::thumb44642130::thumb44440690::thumb44177747::thumb39618291::thumb65983540::thumb65428842::thumb65198274::thumb65107116::thumb64675934::thumb64578867::thumb63427375::thumb62489765::thumb62422881::thumb60812778::thumb58834239::thumb57218316::thumb55906385::thumb55877457::thumb55273432::thumb55223964::thumb54681896::thumb58079689::thumb55978682::thumb32317562::thumb32111380::thumb33041332::thumb27457912::thumb53134052::thumb49743950::thumb49743950::thumb39518984::thumb65678920::thumb64588686::thumb64510736::thumb62361166::thumb62361910::thumb61315181::thumb60210652::thumb59896589::thumb59859249::thumb57247842::thumb54534481::thumb54379285::thumb54285917::thumb35358194::thumb8205316::thumb11497991::thumb36620652::thumb22253672::thumb30633082::thumb14586904::thumb53530076::thumb48820329::thumb45227336::thumb40678635::thumb44716271::thumb41949789::thumb65052530::thumb52479400::thumb63077694::thumb62993654::thumb62650031::thumb62535418::thumb60655435::thumb57437849::thumb53998021::thumb57785156::thumb53815003:

And now, that we have land, we have water, we have all the colors a animals that gives life to nature, he have homes and cities. Now we need you! Yes you, all people is important, you that have a different color, you that lives far away from my country!  We all know, that we have different cultures, different styles of life but we all are the same, and we should respect and love each one other.


Our life is composed by our thoughts and feelings , we have fear, we have love, he have happiness, we have sadness, we have spontaneousness,  we have anger, we have very moods in life!


Life can be simple and beauty and we can do it more beauty, we can transform, we create things. If we see something, that in 1st view, haven't nothing special, we can transform that to a lovely thing.


U have see that we all have a beautiful world, if each one could know how to respect and love this world in every aspects that is meaning, we could be better.

take care :D

Pedro Miguel Barreiros
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love it
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glad you do :)
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This should be a reference for anybody who would like to see really magnificent photography.

Enhorabuena en su criterio a la hora de elaborar este articulo.
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love it so much thanks for sharing
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amazing pictures thanks for sharing :)
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Amazing.. I very very like all the pictures.. :clap::heart:
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Tantas fotos bonitas *.*
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this is amazing. thank you very much for posting this.
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the best one ever seen bravo !!!
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a fantastic compilation of wonderful work :clap:
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Wonderful collection of beautiful photos. (:
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Beautiful photographs that are meticulously organized make this a very enjoyable page! Great work!
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Thank you!!!

Gracias por elegir dos de mis fotos

Feliz Navidad
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Beautiful pictures, I love the arrangement, and I love all of the photos!!!!
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fantastic selection and very well put together :clap:
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Wonderful phenomenal and inspiring.
Wow - a lot of work so well put together :love:
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excelente escolha, excelente trabalho! parabéns!
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