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Twisted Metal PS3 - Calypso's Penthouse

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Here is a piece that I did for Twisted Metal (PS3)
The game released last week and it's really awesome!

Here is the link to buy it if your interested:…

here is my gamertag as well:

You will see me online as soon as I wrap up some work in a couple of weeks. :D

Here is a link to my new website!


Here is a line up of my current cds that are available along with tune packs to hear previews:

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Stations Stories-New World (2009)
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Stations Stories 2005 EP (2009)
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Audiolife Exclusive:…
The Art of Sound: Arrival by Stations Stories ( Bridge Art Medias LLC label Release 2010)
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The Art of Sound Gallery ( Purchase Link )
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Lego vs Heronicle: Cory's Adventures in... Three drivers of Twisted Metal

In Super Smash Bros. HQ...

Izuku: So... Sweet Tooth, Mr. Grimm and Dollface are tricked and killed by Calypso?
Cory: Yes. They will never be seen again.
Katsuki: Then, one more thing, Austin, what happened to you if you won the contest?
Cory: Well...

Calypso Industries, Lego City...

Cory: (Narrating) I've won the contest, but I started to think, "what if Calypso tricks me?", "What if Calypso tries to kill me?". So I thought, I decided not to get my wish from Calypso. So I decided, I will think about what my wish really is.
Calypso: (Sees Cory walks away with Mr. Grimm (TM: B) and Dollface (TM: B) and Sweet Tooth (TM: B) staring at me)
Cory (Twisted Metal): Sweet Tooth, let's go!
Sweet Tooth (TM: B): (Following Cory)
Calypso: So you see what Cory has built, a clown, a skeleton and a living doll. He did realized that I almost tricked him, just like I did to those three drivers I've killed. But instead, I'll let Cory think about what he can wish for. Who am I? I am Calypso. And I thank you for playing Twisted Metal.
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Np , I like very much twisted metal , and your draw , I love it :)
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Thanks again. I loved working on that game.
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Really , wow , so cool :)
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Cool indeed. I'm super thankful to be a part of that game. Thanks for the follow also.
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I know who you are, Calypso...  I know who you really are...!
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Very, very nice work! You've created a very precious atmosphere.
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Thanks so much for that!!!
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ahh Tonywash
you wish for me to look at your artwork.hmm GRANTED!
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HAHAH That game was awesome to work on! 
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Wow! Cool photo! But who is she?? That girl on mirror ?
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Calypso: Still waiting for a smart winner.
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I'm Calypso and I'm so alone ;(
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Cool! Nice lighting.
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I hope more characters will be added as DLCs, b/c Twisted Metal has to have more characters and I don't like the idea of them driving other character's cars. It just seems weird. Nice job on this btw.
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Thanks so much! Glad you like the piece! Not really sure about DLC though. :D
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you're welcome
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Thanks so much man! I really appreciate it! :D
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