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Blood Elf Paladin World of Warcraft Card Art

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Drawn by the amazing Jonboy Meyers!

Colored by Me


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That skimpy body and that huge mace? Ha ha, fantasy indeed!
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I love that shield, and still transmog everything I ever get to it on my shaman!
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all types of sick! well done guys! :pc: me next, me next!
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I love it. Like everyone else, I love the coloring. The only thing I'm turned off by is the sort of uniboob going on there. Maybe that's just me.
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I have a female belf pally...this is awesome!
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Love the coloring.
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Awesome job..

makes me wana play... Q.Q
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nicely done TW!
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Woah... your coloring blows my mind. Simply awesome...
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Bro, what can I always I'm blown away by your coloring! Please teach me Sensei ;)
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You are a master of detail! I love the strong heated colors against the violet tones, and your character meshes so well with the environment too. Awesome smoke and sparks effects!
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awesome colors once again (as usual ^^)
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