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Baine Bloodhoof WoW Pinup

Here is the latest Pinup that the amazing Ludo Lullabi
and I did for the latest Leaders of short stories for Blizzard

To read the story and to DOWNLOAD the wallpaper here is the link for the art!…
Here is a link to my new website!

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I love this brutality in the drawings, I see very little. For some reason, many do not know how to draw such an emoji.

FuzzyJoseph's avatar
Your work is inspiring and a big reason I'm moving towards digital work soon.
xPunk-Dog6's avatar
Amazing!!!! Baine rulez!!!! lml
StraightEdge1977's avatar
halrod's avatar
I Kroggon Darkmountain Accept you as my leader chief Baine Bloodhoof
RobDuenas's avatar
Damngood teamwork dood.
Tonywashingtonart's avatar
Thanks man! How are things going with you?!
RobDuenas's avatar
Good, busy, underpaid lol same'ol, same'ol =P
POPCORN92's avatar
He will be a great Chieftain just like his father, I salute you High Chieftain Baine :salute:

This makes a great wallpaper btw :D (Went on website)
Vilest's avatar
He has awfully nice teeth for a tauren. :y
Jackerson117's avatar
Hail the new chieftain, kind of like him more than Cairne.
qfzpjm159's avatar
I love Tuaren!!!!!!!!!!
danangs's avatar
Awesomee!!! love it!!
Absalom7's avatar
masterpiece ^^
Tonywashingtonart's avatar
Thanks so much man! Hope all is well with ya!
Absalom7's avatar
you're welcome ^^
I'm working on some personal concept art lastly, it's awesome what we can do in a few hours and I'm still working on my colors of course ^^. your work influenced me a lot, among others.
Tonywashingtonart's avatar
Best of luck with your projects man! Thanks so much for the kind words man. Trust me I'm always practicing and trying to always learn new things.:D
pAdonAk-SB's avatar
tHats PeRfEct woRk)) Re5pEct)
Tonywashingtonart's avatar
Wow thanks for that!! :)
Redde67's avatar
any pencil variant?
Tonywashingtonart's avatar
I'm sure Ludo will post it on his page soon. :)
trogdor28's avatar
Awesomeness. Pure awesomeness.
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