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Underground City

This is one of the project from my college.

The concept for my project:
The earth in 2070 is totally polluted. So the earth seperated to two places, one is underground city, which is for the poor people with low-tech machine. Another one is Sky city, which controlled by rich people. The story..... to be continue haha!

I spent 2 weeks to finished this piece, of course i still have to do other's subjects assignments and projects. So, the progress of this piece is slow.

I used photoshop + wacom to draw
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Hey! Great picture I love it hnnnngh <3

You don't mind if I use this concept in my story, do you...?
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Clearly this is his own concept... for his own story.... why would he be ok with you using it in yours?
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Hey, man, forgive my ignorance from well over a year ago - no way would I rip off his idea like that now. :P
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I realized the date of the original after I made my post.

My bad, but I it drives me crazy when people want to use others' work.
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you´re an artist!!
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thanks ^^, your 3D are fantastic!
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haha okie~ thx
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Woow... I love it =)
( Constructive comment, hé hé... )
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ic~ thx for ur comments. U r rite =)
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like the dept and shadow, kaka, my comment is could be more contrast gua, in making more darker area in the front part :)
lovely lol.
tonymtc's avatar too =D
Thx for ur comment
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Uwaaaugh :0 That's love. I love disastrous future cities >3 Hee.
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