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Persian Warrior

experimenting with a different coloring style
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Dude! Really digging this design! Awesome!
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Thanks Mosiah!
Much appreciated, I actually drew this is one of my classes back in
Guess not paying attention pays off some times:nuu:
lovebby's avatar
The way people can do such armor with a great fantasy feel can simple amaze me. The detail and uniqueness of the armors on her legs and arms are simpy wonderful! The piece on her neck is pretty cool looking too. Pretty great armor despite whether or not some areas more be unguarded lol.
TonyJeffers's avatar
Haha Thanks! Yeah she would be in
danger in battle with all that skin unprotected 
for sure thanks again for your comment.
PizzaGenius98's avatar
I like the seashells!I am a dummy! La la la la 
LovelyIcePrincess's avatar
Yes! Very nice armor, she looks like a hot warrior,
i came to remember the Persian queen from 300 , from this art.
i like the faded green glows in the armor, it's a cute detail effect :)
TonyJeffers's avatar
Thanks jane,
I like your descriptive input, really appreciate it!
mauwiepaws's avatar
the colour style in this is pretty sweet.  i like the pastel feeling to it.  i think the blue lighting really adds something to this piece.  it kinda of give it more depth as well as makes it pop.  
TonyJeffers's avatar
Thanks! I want to use this color style more in the future!
rainbownote's avatar
I love the colours in this! It's very soft and the whole piece has a lovely composition to it too - great job!
TonyJeffers's avatar
Thank you very much!
Acaciathorn's avatar
Sweet! Love her arm accoutrements...
TonyJeffers's avatar
Thanks the details were fun to work on
LilBruno's avatar
I love the coloring style, her hair is probably my favorite, I love how it goes brown to blue. Very nice.
TonyJeffers's avatar
Thank you! I had fun coloring in this style I think I might use it more in the near future!
artiste-reveur's avatar
The colouring is very nice.  It almost looks like watercolour with the way it fades for the highlights.  Love the touches of blue, too.  It adds a lot of interest to the drawing.
TonyJeffers's avatar
Thank you I was heavily inspired by watercolor when I did this one
Sonicvortex99's avatar
Love the detail in this one and the contrast of the bright colored-cape
TonyJeffers's avatar
Thanks Amy! Appreciate your kindness!
Serch2's avatar
I definitely love this piece!! Though her cape looks a bit stiff, the overall design is really nice and very detailed.
TonyJeffers's avatar
<nobr>Haha Yeah</nobr> the cape is a bit stiff totally agree, appreciate your honesty. Glad you like!
RachBurns's avatar
Her weapon looks well done! Love the design near the handle. ^^ And her cloak looks like it's just pooling behind her. I'm most interested in her face with this one, you do quite well with faces on all your pieces that I've seen. 
How long did she take you? 
TonyJeffers's avatar
The sketch I did in a college class so that took about a day. As far as the colors after I got a feel for the style that I wanted to do here that took about a few hours if I remember correctly!
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