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Working on some more portraits.
I think doing faces might be my new favorite thing, had fun working with the hair.
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very nice shading and expression :D
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Gorgeousss portraiture! I always had trouble with it but this is simply amazing. The structure looks wonderful, the expression the realisticness of the hair simple wonderfullll!
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Thank you! Much appreciated!
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I really like the black and white compensation, besides, the blurring is well resolved. A precious work.
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the shading , shadowing , and texture tone just blow my mind completely ! i love how the drawing you drew turned out so realistic ! and not to mention the hair also it looks drawn and colored very professionally as well :)
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Thank you very much!
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I really like the hard shadow you put into your work! It really adds depth to the facial structure. The hair is also really dynamic for the pose he's in! I think the neck folds on the left could be worked on a little more though. Overall it looks great! 
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Thank you!
I appreciate your honesty!
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These shades! Awesome :)

I also love the hair, congratulations! ;)
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Thanks you are very kind!
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This is incredible i mean wow i love how u just made a simple bg for it in the back
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:tardgrinn: u're most welcome hehe 
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This is nice - the lighting on the hair/the hair in general is really well done.
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Thank ya Thank ya!
in response to your request for comments: great drawing skills. nice composition and hair. the inside of the mouth doesn't seem dark enough imo, so it looks somewhat fake.
nice textures and pose though
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I see thanks for your honesty!
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No one got nothing on that hair :iconfabulousplz:
And that seems like some interesting shading on his left eye. Seems kinda dramatic :o As if the face wasn't dramatic already :XD:
Cool work on the neck :dummy:
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The right half of his face looks skeletal. Overall, very good, however. I love the folds in the neck, and the detail of the Adam's Apple. Also, the furrows in the brow ridge, the dimple in his chin, the philtrum, and the folds of skin/muscle around the eyes themselves. The hair is really, really good, too! : )
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