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October 25, 2013
killer is dead concept art by ~Tonyholmsten
Featured by Moonbeam13
Suggested by TaNa-Jo
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killer is dead concept art

concept of the airplane level that was not used (i think?)
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MMMMMM, FUCK! I fucking love things like this. Machinery concepts that are just too absurd, and maybe even inefficient. Cuz like, I'm sure there would be better ways to keep something that huge in the sky. But no, you just add a fuckload of turbines and you're good.
I love this.
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This is stunning, So much detail, love it. keep it up.
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Wow, that looks pretty amazing! That would be traveling in style~though I cringe to think of the amount of power and energy it would take to put (and keep) that sucker in the air. Still, amazing concept!
Let's put it to the test.
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there future is now 
one problem there isn't enough sky on this plant to host this and or land
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Wow, that's an awesome airplane. Nice work!
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Wow, this is what I would call Laputa gone mobile!
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This has obviously been a big hit for several years. 254 comments. WOW! Still bringing smiles! :)

Your whimsical cross breeding of a airliner, a Carnival cruise ship and a restaurant/lounge in the round is golden. Love it!!!
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This deviation is far more than a simple Digital Art! Clap 
It's not as much fun to ride as you might imagine.  The TSA line for boarding has a wait time that takes you into the next geological epoch. 
How big is this thing? I can see landing gear but something like this: a giant air plane/blimp/resort/city might be a feasible way to live on Venus. Just never land. 
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this is amazing, now make it in minecraft :D
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Very cool.  Well done.
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Awesome Piece! :D
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Super awesome!
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