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floating rocks

you never know what you're gonna do if you stumble upon floating rocks.g
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Great! Love it!
HeavyMetalHanzo's avatar
So damn awesome! 
You're making me look bad! ; P
phantomdotexe's avatar
This is from that "Fortress" game, right? The one that got canceled? Too bad. It's such an awesome piece!

Who owns the rights to all these illustrations now that the company that commissioned them is defunct?
vivverinelink's avatar
it reminds me of the nothing from fantasia its truly beautiful
Jierado's avatar
You need to draw bigger bro. I hate it when its small. It doesn't do a painting justice. Not much of an impact to the viewer.
McFrankyArt's avatar
...just great...
ClefJ's avatar
I was one of the few in my area that loved FF12. I hope that this fortress doesn't die off.
ultimatede's avatar
Haha I think sprint in the other direction would be a strong first instinct if I stumbled on some floating rocks. But who knows. Amazing work, I would love to know what game this is
AnnaRDunster's avatar
hhm, oops. I think I broke the world

PDrej's avatar
oi... is it... Gabranth? o.O
melek90's avatar
o.o i love this its so cool! and is that gabranth i see!? haha awesome! ;D
Edarneor's avatar
>you never know what you're gonna do if you stumble upon floating rocks

Er, jump on them? ))
GameLight-Studios's avatar
This is concept art from project "Fortress" by square-enix no?
Djohaal's avatar
The ammount of color is just right. A bit less and it'd look bland, a bit more and it'd look too colorful. Excellent ;)
saku-ryo's avatar
OMG... you are the god of photoshop, definitely!
windinmysails's avatar
Hey, is that Gabranth?? The cancelled project you were working on for Square-Enix wasn't a sequel/prequel to FFXII, was it?
I envy you so much, even though it was cancelled. :heart:
Great piece. :+fav:
Tonyholmsten's avatar
my lips are unfortunately sealed!:) Glad you like it though.
Perlis's avatar
Why so small? :P That just a sin uploading such a beautiful concept in that small resolution. shame on you!
BTW how many brushes did you use to paint this?
Tonyholmsten's avatar
i think i've just used one brushstyle for this.. just your standard square chalk-ish brush, with the opacity-pressure sensitivity thing checked.
Perlis's avatar
Lollo's avatar
jag tror du har lite problem med gravitationen...
Tonyholmsten's avatar
Haha! läget? Arbetslös? :D
Lollo's avatar
yes, jag tycker jag gör det ganska bra. var det arbetslösheten som fick dig att hamna här?
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