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August 21, 2009
Scale, atmosphere, and magic! and the gate opens.. by ~Tonyholmsten. This artist has more high quality works in his gallery, so be sure to check those out as well!
Featured by nervene
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and the gate opens..

a very very..magic gate.
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Hntpo's avatar
yeaaaaaaaaaaaa. i have seen this in a dream
InsomniACRO's avatar
things in the background remind me of final fantasy ghost creeps
Lucario-Stl's avatar
...a gate of time...

theswordking69's avatar
I love how the person is stepping up to the gate, it symbolizes the point of no return in his adventure, when he enters the gate he will face whatever he must to get to the end. At the end, the truth is revealed and his final fight begins.
Awsassin's avatar
Does the gate lead to Narnia?
Portosilva's avatar
PWNPROD's avatar
This is an awesome painting that invokes a great deal of thought. I would be curious to see the world beyond this door!
BananaChoc's avatar
Waoh, i'm really impressive. It's huge and very beautiful. I love colours and the most loved is the reflection of the clock. Well done ! :D
amapandajoy's avatar
I featured this here :) [link]
milarii's avatar
I LOVE the little creature things, and I like what you did with the magic. And then the little dude's just standing there like WOAH
Reizaku's avatar
wwoowowowwo really enjoy this one .beatiful lighting accompanied by the quite heavy fantasy atmosphere .Just enough details for everything to fit together .Good work!
cellolott's avatar
Ha! a verYverY magic way to make art, dude.
ancient-warrior's avatar
A magical Pitch Black world (I mean the reference to the sci-fi movie, because these creatures looks very special) !
dude5183's avatar
ur nuts... gg u beat me at painting :D
Barkindji's avatar
Oh- I've never seen magic to resemble the physical elements of something a character needs to interact with (gears, lever) this is effective.
svarthvitt's avatar
MrSide's avatar
I wish this was my front door.
Pheotive's avatar
Wow, looks awesome!
SqartanKing's avatar
IDKY, but when I saw this, I immediately thought of a fturistic Morrowind. Entering those Dwemer ruins at the beginnning of the main quest, and the things to the right are like cliff racers. I love the picture, it's awesome.
PDrej's avatar
ghosts from FF XII? or is it my imagination? xq
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