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The flight of the pelicans

"Almost home now, hang in there! "
The last flight of battleship M/S Pelican. Heavily beaten but not down!

A personal piece i've been working on for a while. I hope to expand this universe with more concepts, and even some half assed attempts at doing some 3d models of the designs i come up with. 
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this all feels like something studio ghibli would do :D
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No one can lead those pelicans like you can Toucan!
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This is beautiful
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This is breath-taking!
I'll be expecting more concepts of this universe :nod:
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That picture has a dreamlike atmosphere, wonderful work! 
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Oh man, that ship design is so great! Love, love, love. :)
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I'm itching to see more of this universe,it looks simply amazing
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awsome! the details, the smooth style (which makes it more atmospheric), the idea!...

just awwww!!!!!!=))
:awesome: :awesome: :awesome: :awesome: :awesome: :awesome: :awesome: 
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The fact this has airships alone is enough to make me love it. But everything about this is amazing. Great job.
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Thanks man! Checked your stuff and I really like the anime style you got going !
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Thank you Hug.
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hi, i like it a lot. Especially the colours and light and that you can see the moon. It's my favourite time of the day when the moon comes up and the clouds are still covered in sunshine so that these lovely colours develop. The whole thing makes me want to go on an adventure and travel and see the world. One of my favourite pieces of art here on deviantart!
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Oh, im flattered that you think that! thank you!
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you're welcome! :) if you ever have time feel free to have a look at my artwork
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Love the sperm whale influence :D  Nice colour palette too :D  I'm feeling weird about the scale of the front ship, feels like it should be bigger/closer to camera.  :twocents:
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you are absolutely right with the scale.. ill take a look at it.
thanks for the comments! :)
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this looks almost like Treasure Planet. I love it!
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Love it! The amount of details is insane.
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thanks man, your latest zelda piece was sick!! got me inspired to do my own zelda piece :)
HeavyMetalHanzo's avatar
Nice! Can t wait to see it !
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