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My Little Pony Micro #1 Larry's/Jetpack Variants

Covers to the First issue of the MLP Spin off micro series for Larrys Comics and Jetpack comics. The first issue focuses on Twilight Sparkle! These variants are gonna be fairy tale themed, one side with tiny ponies and the other side with regular sized ponies.

Next up-- my issue, Rainbow Dash.

Pencils, inks, colors and everything else by me.
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Wow that fairy tales comes to add twilight sparkle for two like little red riding hood and Alice in Wonderland.
almightybooda's avatar
How did opal get Granny's teeth?
SwanLullaby's avatar
Wow... impressive scene :)
I like the trunk!
RiokennG3's avatar
OH SNAP! Can't wait for the Fluttershy one then...
GiromCalica's avatar
Ah, the good ol days.

If only MLP existed in the 19th century, then the world will not be the same ever again.
KamiraCeeker's avatar
reversed stripe on tail~

but this is really nicely done otherwise ouo.

I like the idea.
NeonRedWings's avatar
This is really cool!
Infinite-Scratch's avatar
how far down the rabbit hole is she willing to go?
DriveTravoltaBad's avatar
I think you made a mistake in the description "the first issue focuses on Rainbow Dash!" isn't it Twilight Sparkle? Anyway, I'll definitely try to buy these variant covers!
TonyFleecs's avatar
Ugh. You're right! Sorry, I'm on deadline and a little out of my mind.
StarFlasher's avatar
This is good :3 I like it :D
amtscout's avatar
Great job can't wait for the RD one
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