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Harley Quinn - Pulp

By TonyFleecs
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11x17 Print. Pen & Ink. Lots of Photoshop.
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© 2011 - 2020 TonyFleecs
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Is this available to buy anywhere? I love it!!!!!
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Hey, sorry, accidentally used this image on one of my Atari cartridge icons but have since pulled it when someone told me the actual source. You should be honored because I came across this in an archive of pulp novel photographs, so convincing was your work! Anyway, it was popular, so I will repost with full credit to you if you give me the go-ahead. If not, no problem, have several other Batman Arkham Asylum entries. I am in awe of your great weathering details.
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Hey- go head. Any credit is appreciated. Thanks.
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Great, thank you, I will repost with full-credit to you and a link to your DA page of the piece.
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Omg i need this in poster form!
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And here I was expecting a Harliquinn romance novel.

Great concept and wonderful execution right down to the used book cover feel.
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Bought this today at Beachball comics actually in Orange county. Framed and already in my office :) I love your work!!! I want the New Hope one I am a huge star wars freak but they didnt have it there.
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love this so much...great art and multiple layers of meaning make it even awesomer.
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Beautiful! I love how Joker almost looks like a cut-out. The aged edges are a nice touch as well.
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What does she see in the joker?
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