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July 7, 2008
Looking for a modern san serif font? Modeno Font by ~TonyFbaby might be just what you're looking for!
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Modeno Font

MODENO beta 1

I needed a san serif font that is new fresh and modern, so i have been working endlessly on this one. This is my first font but i have read and studied enough on font making. I have made major tweaks and ironed out ALOT of issues, for me its still not complete, it looks complete but im sure that if you guys download it you might want something tweaked, kerning has been carefully tweaked but its still not there where I want it, if ya like the font download it and test it, if ya like it fine, if ya have some suggestions just comment or send me a message

Update: the file is newer with some slight alterations and tweaks.

again with the copyright stuff:

NON-commercial use only

I have been asked before and if ya need a commercial use message me first. Im nice about it
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Gorgeous thank you!

Beautiful and functional font indeed, been looking for a font like yours to use it for kerning when designing a logo and it works great. Can you email me at: Thanks!

I do love your font. Thanks for creative idea :)
I love this font, wondering how much it would cost to get a commercial use license?  I'm a web designer and owner of and liked this font so much that I had to make a comment!  My email is thanks!
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great font... nice!
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Keep me posted, please, as you develop this font. I have a client who loves it and would like to use it on her website. It needs to have a bold or semi-bold and an italic for our use. Excellent work!

My email is:
I might use it for my website. Are you still sending commercial use messages? My email is Thanks!
ohh, my email address is

Hi there, I am a photographer & was hoping to use this on some of my information I send out to clients. :) It's beautiufl!
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Hi! I want to use this font for a logo about a cinema festival, can you email me?
Beautiful font! I would like to use it for my website (my wife and I are musicians). Could you please email me? (apfata at gmail)
Hi can you message me, I've used your font in a web series, I didn't realise the copyright stuff.
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Hello Tony, would like to discuss potentially using for a website for my small cafe business. Many thanks, Marie (
I'm designing a company logo comprises the word "MEWAH", the space between W & A is naturally fit, but E & W is a big problem, so I'm always looking for a modern style font with an longer E bottom line to perfect the kerning between E & W.

And glad that I've found it now, can you email me at THanks.
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Looks easy to read! Thank you!
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May want to use this for a commercial project.  Could you email me at
would love to use this for my photography website. email: trombleyis at hotmail dot com
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