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CINEMA PRO: After Effect

A free Pack of After Effects Presets. Tried and tested for months now. I can guarantee that these presets are very powerful and really do work. Months in the making and they have made their debut in many short films.

As a film maker i don't have time to do so much mundane work, and i need a reliable preset that does what it says and it does it well. So i created these. After a while i thought of sharing them with the community. So here they are. As i work on more movies and create more presets, i'll be sure to share them :)
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Hi Tony, what version of Adobe after effects can I drop this file you've made into? I'm on windows and I havn't yet bought any version of adobe after effects so any recommend appreciated, Thankx !..
thanks a lot great works
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muchas gracias!!!! genial!!!saludos!!!
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How do you import the presets? :o
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You copy the preset folder and stick it under computer hard drive>program files>Adobe>After Effects>Support files>Presets

Thats the folder ::Presets:: Where you can drop in any preset you make or find on the web! hope it helps :)
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Thank you so much :)
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i am gonna try it :)
Gracias Tony, los voy a probar.
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Just downloaded and will try out on some footage I shoot soon; sounds great!
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Too few comments for a great resource! Many thanks man, I just started playing around with AE and this seems like a great add-on to have handy at all times.

Its much appreciated! Thank You.
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just click download... is it not working?
how can i download?
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download link on the left... is it not working? i tried it and it works fine for me.
these are awsome bro good learning experince thx
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gonna try these. thanks man!
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awesome collection dude. loving it!
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Thanx! glad ya like'em
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