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Bonnie x Chica

I've finally finished the fourth episode of my cheesy fan-made FNAF love story! :D
I want to "celebrate" with this pic! I don't know why, but I like Bonnie and Chica being together, they're kinda cute. Hope you'll like :)

Here's the video! Take a look if you don't have anything better to do ;)…
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this is amazing, though this art isn't mine or for it means a lot to me

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I remember this watching this ship when I was young.

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Tony I Love your Yt vids

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i have 4 question :

that is pedophilia

I hate fnaf ships

They are Dead Childen Souls in Animatronic Suit

Animatronic can't get sex, love

Venicequeen1011's avatar

He ships the characters, not the children inside.

Jackke7654's avatar

But Animatronic can't fuck or love okay,Animatronics Possessed By Dead Childen Souls, i watch fnaf lore and games , i ships springtrap and ballora (william afton and ms. afton)

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I... Actually ship them too.

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the way that he looks at her...



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Never would of thought to ship these two until I saw your animation. So cute! Heart 
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Bonnica will reign as the superior FNaF ship! YEE!!
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I still don’t get how people ship this
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Man, Chica be sexy! I mean, she got better boobs than Ballora, and that's saying something WILLIAM. Those weren't the functions we were asking about, Mr. Afton. Sire, she makes ice cream. But why did you give the ballerina boobs and almost nothing to cover it?!?!? This is a kids establishment bro!
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Man, you are like, obsessed with FNaF boobs.
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Chica: Bonnie, can you help me with fixing Mangle.
Bonnie: It's some kind of complicated. But, I will help you. Why not?
Chica: Really? Bonnie, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! <hugs him>
Chica: Oh, I mean, thanks! That's... really kind of you.
Bonnie: No problem, Chica. Everything for... em, what you need.
Ask-Ashfur-X-Scourge's avatar
i have something to say... 'why did u give chica boobs?"
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omg you are the master . and so ute
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I SHIP IT LIKE Bonnie x Chica icon I SHIP IT LIKE Bonnie x Chica icon I SHIP IT LIKE Bonnie x Chica icon I SHIP IT LIKE Bonnie x Chica icon It's my OTP icon [Flowey Emote] Flowey are you...? COM: Courageous Heart clapping icon I Ship Them Icon [Flowey Emote] You want some LOVE????!?!?!??!!?!?  
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It is old. But it is still a OTP for the must peoples Wink/Razz ( it is my TP tooo )
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Hello your art was stolen by a user:

Bonnie x Chica by iHasCupcakeeeee
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