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Bonnie Reading

Old-style pic I've made with Bonnie reading a scary book! X3 Do you want to hear him telling a creepy story? Check this video out! ;)…
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I bet that it’s a Harlan Ellison story.
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Me at night like:

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Bon is reading Watership Downs no doubt about it
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Ive always wanted to see thaf movie, but Im probably too young >_<
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Hes reading a book on fnaf ships.
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He’s reading Watership Down.
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he's sure is terrified for reading the book
Nice image
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Basically me late at night...
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scary books rock :3
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i set this as my background!Chibi FNAF1 Parade comment/chat emoticon Foxy Dancing the Hustle! (Chat Icon) 
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Bonny is reading a Sword art online Fanfiction.
a. Bonny is actually a big fan of SAO.
b. He loves fanfictions
c. His favorite character died
thats why he is like that lol
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Bonnie is a he! Scott confirmed it. Bonnie is a name that can be used with both sexes.
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ok i dont care bonnie is just girls name and im making a cartoon of this one day you'll see YOU ALL SEE!
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wait bonny isnt a he?
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oh shut it if you dont beliveve me look at girls name list for bonnie Ps Boys are stupid!!!
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im pretty sure bonny's a 'he'.
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its a she i have friends that are bonnies all girls
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bonnie can also be a name for boys...
and this is a game, not irl. I think anything is possible in games.
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