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Create A Fursona v3 Male

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Published: November 6, 2008
© 2008 - 2020 tony64
Edit:Forgot to mention that your all allowed to post your creations on DA or anywhere as long as you link back to the game and/or my DA, thanks :)

The sequel to the (somewhat) popular Create a Fursona 2. CAFv3 has been built absolutely from scratch with completely new and improved artwork. Hundreds.....nay, Thousands of items to choose from, and new to the series, Advanced RGB mode. This will allow any users who are knowledgable of how RGB works to take full advantage of the entire "computer color wheel" to further make a fursona their own.

I do hope you all enjoy.
It's taken me 2 years to make this game all by myself. That probably doesn't sound like much now, but just take a look at the game first :D

Feature List:
-Fully Revamped Artwork
-More Categories
-WAY more items
-more possible species
-"Guest" items from popular Animes, Cartoons and Games
-Dual Color Choices
-Advanced RGB Mode
-Randomization button (quite fun)

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JuicyApplePuppyNew Deviant

I had fun with this Furry OC Designer :)

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I wish there was a human OC maker with this amount of effort put in.
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For a new update can you add a classic mode for the male and female Create a Fursona please.
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You need to update this mate.
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they thought i was crazy.

they said that it couldn't be possible.

well who's crazy now?  Img 20190817 011648 by anonymous0231  
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New-Founding-FathersProfessional Digital Artist

Mojave The Wolf-Dragon (A Lucario-Like Wolf with an additional strand of Dragon DNA)

Mojave The Wolf-Dragon
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boos-studios19Hobbyist Artist
Omg I remember playing this game and making one of my first fursonas on it lol she turned out terrible but that was on me the game is really fun
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Blober369Hobbyist Artist
how the fuck do you saveRage 
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DareToIsolateStudent General Artist
just screenshot, calm your tits lmao
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Blober369Hobbyist Artist
i dont have titts
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DareToIsolateStudent General Artist
oh lol
DIMASTHEFOXHobbyist Artist
My Fursona,I must be honest with you, this is amazing

Dimas the Fox New Fursona by DIMASTHEFOX  
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Blober369Hobbyist Artist
its shitNo, I disagree! :| (Blank Stare) Rage Villager Icon 
DIMASTHEFOXHobbyist Artist
What, hey, you better pull your words or don't say that again I Warning You
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IridescentInklingStudent Artist
I think there should be kilts in this game. Who knows--maybe someone's Fursona is Scottish?
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waterartistwolfaquaHobbyist Artist
yea, my custom fursona boy is Scottish, and he wears a kilt
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IReallyLikeDragonsHobbyist Traditional Artist
I made a thing. It's not perfect, but I made a thing.

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 11.23.09 AM by IReallyLikeDragons  
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Milk100Hobbyist Digital Artist
How Did You Screenshot It?
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wolfyteasersStudent Digital Artist
I used this game and the female one, here it is Dragon Couple - Ali the Dragon and Dray the Dragon
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do you think you will make an open web version, or is that not possible?
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Wii-SportsHobbyist General Artist
but why
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