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From the original idea of S.Bozeeke's of ancient boxing,
i created my version with gladiators.

Ancient Boxing Version:
Roman Arena by bozeeke

ROMAN ARENA by tony-tzanoukakis 
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Can't wait for one of them to beat the other and then for the 80000 spectators to scream "FINISH HER!"
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Excelent build, dressed and equiped ladies. Mmmm
Great stuff, and another one from the "wish I could make that" section.

:D Thanks Tony! :D
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Very nice pi!!
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My pleasure! Cuddling Practice by TheHugClub
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thank you very much
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thanks once again for the opportunity spiros! :)
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No problem. I'll have a new idea in a few weeks.
LivingIsTheDream's avatar going to be through all your pics in future :-(
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as you understand, for copyright issues, yes, it must be there.
as you see though, it doesnt "hide" any action ;)
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I don't mean to be ungrateful but to me it does spoil the image a bit.  I appreciate you are trying to protect your work though.  Thanks for feedback.
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I like this one best!  Girls and swords are cool.  Great action picture.
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i like girls and swords also :)
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