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EDIT: wow this got so popular omg ;u;
So I once thought you had to put this in the 'chat usable section' for them to be in the dAmn smilie list. I now know you can't get into the smilie list that easily! But you can easily use it by using the add media section c:

I wanted to make a chat usable icon for fall, just like the snowflake one, --> :snowflake:
I have no idea who to contact or how to get it to work
Any ideas let me know please xD!
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:leaf: :leaf: :leaf: :leaf: :leaf: :leaf: :leaf: :leaf: 
Oh I like da lef
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good work! I like to use it in comments!!! :D
I come to say for u - thank u!!!!!! for this wonderful emoticon!!clap remake 1b 
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:leaf: ...omg it doesn't work! D'':
my life is a lie...
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lol sorry! Its still getting processed XD
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im hoping they will take it though :3
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yeah! a leaf is really important! èwé <3
It should be the symbol of the world.. no.. THE WHOLE GALAXY!! >:''DDD
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haha lol xD!
I saw the :snowflake: one and thought id make a ":leaf:" just cuz x.x
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I think it's a really cute idea~! :'3
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A leaf! ... Its cute.
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THank you! xD
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I'm not sure what u want to work but that is an adorbz leaf lol
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And im currently Getting it processed to be a chat useable emote
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Of course and oh cool,that sounds awsome ^^
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