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Hey, it's been 3 years since the last journal ! At that time I was celebrating the 5000 pageviews. Now I just got over 20 000, it's upgrading faster isn't it? :D I feel like I'm improving and finding myself as an artist. 20 000 in 8 years is nothing compared to other artists, but the more I work, the more people seem to enjoy my pictures, I may be on something, I'll keep trying !

My professional commissions are getting better too: last year I signed for two board games with a reknowed editor and I'm on my way to sign some more! See you at the 30 000 pageviews to check the situation. Maybe before the 10 years on deviantart ? Let's dream :D

Have a nice day, see you next time !

Oh, I forgot something: since last year I've a website, check it for more informations and links:
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Today is the very first time I write a journal to celebrate the 5000 pageviews and almost a hundred watchers (97 exactly). It's not much but it's still good for me ;)
It's been five years since I'm on deviantart and five years I'm a freelance artist, during all this time I've done a lot of various commissions and now I can live of my passion and it's an accomplishment.
All These experiences helped me to become better in my work but I'm still  not confident with a lot of things. There are still too many basics I don't know and I draw too many things approximatively. But now I want to try to manage everything, especially anatomy.
Today I'm trying to reach a new step in drawing and deviantart is a good place to put all my tests. I'm very motivated, I can't stop to draw, I don't remember the last time I drew so much only for myself !  
That's why during a certain time, you will see a lot of characters in full view which may be not always well done. Sometime I try new stuff, sometimes it doesn't work. When I finish a drawing, I'm doing a serie of observation sketches to get what was wrong in the last drawing and make a new try. The hardest part for me are the legs and foot, usually very easy to hide behind something or putting it out of the frame so you don't have to draw it.

To finish, thanks to all my watchers and all the people that write nice comments on my pictures. Don't hesitate to give me advices and tell me what's wrong so I can fix it on the next picture.

If you want to see more, don't hesitate to visit my blog:

You can see some speed painting videos on my youtube channel:…

And you can follow me on twitter: @AucomteJ

Thanks for reading and see you soon for the next drawing !
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