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Since I did him for my avatar I'm uploading him as a single emote too now. But I don't know if I'll do the others from the straw hat gang too (soon) since there're still so many Naruto villains...


Thanks a lot in advance to anyone who will add this to his or her favourites. I'm sorry that' I can't thank everyone personally but as the number of favs grows it takes me more and more time - of which I sadly don't have enough at hand.
All of my emoticons' names start and end with a ":" but that doesn't mean they can be used like the official emoticons.

If you intend to use my emotes online you are free to do so - but please give me a little credit.

Discovered any flaws or got any tips? - Tell me!

Roronoa Zoro (c) Eiichiro Oda
Emoticon (c) Me
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TheOneChaosHobbyist Traditional Artist
so cute
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MisterKidStudent General Artist
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Im-ReshiHobbyist Traditional Artist
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awww ain't he cute :meow;
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PrincessSelenastarHobbyist General Artist
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:D Thanks a lot!
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no prob!! he's so awesome!!:D
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ChrissyMHobbyist Digital Artist
make an Sanji too...please ó.ò
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I will, but after I finished the Naruto ones and that'll take some more time, sorry.
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fadedfuturesHobbyist Artist
His name is actually Zolo. It's "engrish" witch causes him to be called zoro in the japanese. Their l's become Rs.

SO it really should be zolo.
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ToiimStudent Traditional Artist
I disagree, there L's do not become R's, it becomes a cross between the two, and depending on the word, the R or the L will be more dominant. If you watch the anime, you will hear the emphasis is in the R.

PS. You don't really know that much english either, I mean "witch causes him..." you used the wrong instance of the word. You meant which. Not an old hag who flies on a broomstick. Duh.
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u have a real talent for this ( i tried to do one.....lets just say.........ewww)
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The Japanese spellingf is Zoro, and the English spelling is Zolo. So both are right.
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If only everyone knew that. The world would be much simpler. Zoro's original name is Zoro. But FUNimation and 4kids changed it to Zolo to avoid a copyright claim by whoever owns Zorro. Both are right but some prefer Zoro and some prefer Zolo. It doesn't matter.
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