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Uhhh I got my wisdom teeth pulled today! It took only half an hour, but it was disgusting none the less (especially when they cut upon the gingiva and you only feel the pressure of the scalpel on your teeth ~bah~
Anway I feel pretty well again already, only some pain (but I have some pills for that)

What really sucks now is the temporary ban on dairy product, because of the stupid antibiotic... and I just bought 5 tasty cheap chocolate bars. Also there's no Cappuccino for me - I'm basically powered by those!

There'll be a Founders Team soon, when I'm done with Madara and maybe his brother as well.

(the Senju brother's are finished with armor already)


Thanks a lot in advance to anyone who will add this to his or her favourites, I appreciate it for sure. I'm really sorry that' I can't thank everyone personally and I hope you understand this.

All of my emoticons' names start and end with a ":" but that doesn't mean they can be used like the official emoticons!
(e.g. :team_namikaze: see?)

If you intend to use my emotes online you are free to do so - but please give me credit and a link if it's in a forum or on a website.

Discovered any flaws or got any tips? - Tell me!

Senju Hashirama, Senju Tobirama, Sarutobi Hiruzen, Homura Mitokado Koharu Utatane, Naruto (c) Kishimoto Masashi
Sprites (c) Me

No/Mixed Affiliaton


Konohagakure - Land of Fire

:konoha_founders: :team_senju: :team_sarutobi: :team_jiraiya: :team_namikaze:

:team_7: :team_8: :team_10: :team_guy:
:team_iruka: :chuunn_examiners:

:team_kakashi: :team_8_2:


Sunagakure - Land of Wind


Otogakure - Land of Rice Fields

:team_sound: :sound_5: :sound_5_2:


:akatsuki: :team_pein:
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i think danzou was one of this team ,