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Thank goodness I found full body shot of all three of them!

Oh well, the Jinchuuriki will probably be next... and we don't have full body pics of them - so it's guesswork time!

Orochimaru's eyes suck, it's the bright yellow's fault...


Thanks a lot in advance to anyone who will add this to his or her favourites, I appreciate it for sure. I'm really sorry that' I can't thank everyone personally anymore and I hope you understand this.

All of my emoticons' names start and end with a ":" but that doesn't mean they can be used like the official emoticons!
(e.g. :team_sarutobi: see?)

If you intend to use my emotes online you are free to do so - but please give me credit and a link if it's in your forum or on your website.

Discovered any flaws or got any tips? - Tell me!

Sarutobi Hiruzen, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Orochimaru, Naruto (c) Kishimoto Masashi
Sprites (c) Me

No/Mixed Affiliaton


Konohagakure - Land of Fire

:konoha_founders: :team_senju: :team_sarutobi: :team_jiraiya: :team_namikaze:

:team_7: :team_8: :team_10: :team_guy:
:team_iruka: :chuunn_examiners:

:team_kakashi: :team_8_2:


Sunagakure - Land of Wind


Otogakure - Land of Rice Fields

:team_sound: :sound_5: :sound_5_2:


:akatsuki: :team_pein:
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orochmaru is so scary