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All names added in the copyright section, respectively listed from left to right.
And to think I did those minor characters too...


Thanks a lot in advance to anyone who will add this to his or her favourites, I appreciate it for sure. I'm really sorry that' I can't thank everyone personally and I hope you understand this.

All of my emoticons' names start and end with a ":" but that doesn't mean they can be used like the official emoticons!
(e.g. :chuunin_examiners: see?)

If you intend to use my emotes online you are free to do so - but please give me credit and a link if it's in a forum or on a website.

Discovered any flaws or got any tips? - Tell me!

Morino Ibiki, Mitarashi Anko, Hagane Kotetsu, Kamizuki Izumo, Tobtake Tonbo, Tatami Iwashi
Mozuku, Hijiri Shimon, unnamed, unnamed, unnamed, Crow (Kankuro's puppet Karasu)
Naruto (c) Kishimoto Masashi
Sprites (c) Me

No/Mixed Affiliaton


Konohagakure - Land of Fire

:konoha_founders: :team_senju: :team_sarutobi: :team_jiraiya: :team_namikaze:

:team_7: :team_8: :team_10: :team_guy:
:team_iruka: :chuunn_examiners:

:team_kakashi: :team_8_2:


Sunagakure - Land of Wind


Otogakure - Land of Rice Fields

:team_sound: :sound_5: :sound_5_2:


:akatsuki: :team_pein:
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how many frames was this?