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Deharmonic - Logo

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Band logo for Deharmonic.
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Bloodriot44 General Artist
What the hell :-|
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hehe, yes.
thats how it goes. I thought you would put on stuff like drop shadow and bevel and emboss.
If you had done that I would have had to tell you to remove it. but what you did, didnt look bad so it was ok. :P
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Ah, I read "Deathharmonic", you know, like the Dethklok song [link] ;P

Anyways, cool logo. I like the flow of it.
I would've allowed a bit more space between the letters HARMON for legibility, but that's just me..
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Heh, I know. I thought that too. :P

thanks. yep, you probably would.
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oh yes.

btw. he told me he put some styles on it. :P
I´m guessing its things like bewel and emboss and outer glow.

A bit anoying really.
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Styles? Fuck.
Just stay firm in your opinions. It's the only way people can gain respect for us graphics people..
Besides, you are the one with the education, skill and knowledge, as far as I know..

Hehe, damn, I've been getting real fired up lately at the arrogant way "mister Average Joe" treats graphic designers nowadays.
I'm like Obama and homeless people: I want change! :P
(I stole that joke from an internet pic..)
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hehe, yep.

I´ll wait untill I see what he has done before I say anything.

hehehe, its annoying yes. Its as if we didnt know anything, and they didnt really need a graphic designer.
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If it's one thing I hate, it's when I deliver the design, and then the customer fucks it up good and proper by themselves. The amount of money I was paid will usually decide whether or not I'll get pissy, ha ha.. :P

We need a graphic design revolution, for christ's sake! Back to the primitive. Flush out the posers, and bring forward the integrity. :)
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hehe, it has never hapened to me as far as I know. Not untill now that is. :P

Oh yeah!
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Also: any money in yet? ;P
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