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It was a mid summer day as lilith was walking down the street towards her home with her friend, yasu yuki, he had light blue hair and a scar over his left eye as he had a red coat and a grey shirt. Lilith was walking with him, a hired help for her as they seem to be enjoying themselves, at least until what seems like a group of teenage girls, laughing and giggling like stereotypical girls as yasu yuki just rolled his eyes, lilith just ignoring them at least until they come up to yasu yuki.

Girl 1: “ hey hot stuff. How about you dump this thing and come with us? “

Yasu yuki: “ not interested. “

Girl 2: “ come on. We’ll give you more of a time then this monster. “

Yasu yuki: “ I’m serious. Back off. I’m not interested. “

this causes lilith’s eyes to turn red as she would directly toss them about, all of those girls just back off while one got badly injured as yasu yuki tried to calm her down, it not really working before tossing that girl away, although not killing her, causing her to fear her.

Lilith: “ serves her right. “

Yasu yuki: “ hey your not a monster. Ignore her. We should get you home before your father finds out and decides to hunt those girls down. “

Lilith: “ let him! They deserve it! “

Before long lilith would get to her home and head inside, yasu yuki, still angry about what was said to her as she heads to her room, flug noticing and going to check on her.

Flug: “ hey sweetheart. Is everything okay? “

Lilith: “ no! I was called a monster again. “

Flug: “ hey your not a monster. Don’t think about it. “

Lilith: “ I want to be alone. “

Flug sighs and shakes his head.

Flug: “ okay. Just talk to me when your ready. “

After that Flug leaves and heads to black hat about this but makes sure he doesn’t go to confront her about this, not yet anyway.
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