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Observers from the Past by Sky-The-Echidna
The past is something that can have an influence in our lives, whatever it's our own decisions, or even the decisions of the people that came before us. Sometimes, those decisions were done with good intention, although the consequencies from such decision didn't leave the greatest results.

But in the end, the past is the past, is something that has already happened, and the only thing we can do is live the lifes that we want in the present. Those from the past that have passed away can observe us, and no matter what they did in the past, we shouldn't feel ashamed that we couldn't do as much as them, because maybe they don't really care of that... And the only they want is for us to keep living the present that we are all living.

Another paid comission, and this time, from my friend :iconsky-the-echidna: with an interesting idea :D

Here we have Toni and Sky, with their respective ancestors, Kosen and Sora, although Toni and Sky are a bit different. Sky is like a 'clone' of Sora while Toni is a descendant of Kosen as he is part of the same clan, but still they have something in common when it comes to their ancestors, Sora and Kosen were considered as if they were chosen by gods by their unique traits or similar to what they believe was the gods. So I thought that maybe I could get an idea involving both :D

And also, think that this is the first time I show you guys Toni using his Denruiken technique, so there is also that XD

Original pic:…
Z Parasites David App (remade)
Have seen how the app was some years ago:… and have decided that it needed a better look! :D
And those scars in his shoulders... well, if I do it, you'll have to wait to know ;3
*Human info:
:bulletblue: Name: David Blade
:bulletblue: Nicknames: Blade, Mr. Solitary
:bulletblue: Age: 19
:bulletblue: Gender: Male 
:bulletblue: Birthday: 3rd November
:bulletblue: Height: 5'9 ft (human), 6'3 ft (symbiote)
:bulletblue: Role: Infectling Soldier
:bulletblue: Eye anomaly: Red blood eyes
:bulletblue: Vein position: Left wrist
:bulletblue: Personality: David is shown to be a silent and calm person normally, seemly hard to make a conversation with him, due to his previous antisocial and lone wolf behaviour, although this mainly happen when it comes to new people that he hasn't interact yet or didn't have much of an interaction with such persons, but he would still give it a try, even if it goes really awkward. Although with the people he has interact with and learn to know them, and let them see how he is, he is much more open to talk and have a much better conversation with them, like with Anne for example, but still, he kinda can screw up sometimes, specially when he is put in very silly situations, not really knowing what to do, showing still a bit of lack of experience in social interactions. After seeing the worry that he put into others after his near-death, he started to appreciate those closer to him and the Harmony itself, even tho he still hasn't interact with the many members in it. He is a good listener if someone needs some ears.  Still, even if he doesn't talk much, that doesn't mean that he would take shit from anyone, whatever if it is to him or to anyone that he respects, normally countering with sarcastic or blunt remarks, something that comes from his previous days.

David is very dedicated to his training, specially after his near-death during his fight with Eon while being brainwashed, managing to leave aside his ego and stubborness aside, and understanding many of the advices and errors that many people tried to give and put up with him, as after he recovered from that fight, he train rigurosly day after day, trying to make a balance training while also pushing the limits of his body quickly to recover all the time he had wasted before. In the end, all that training had its results as he managed to defeat Anne in a spar, something that he couldn't manage to do in the past, although this didn't let his ego go to his head, as he still told Anne that it was thanks to her for not giving up on her, adding as well that he admit that he managed to win thanks to the fact that he faced Anne so many times, adding as well that Anne started the spar 'playing around', something that David acknowledge that if she had fought seriously from the beginning, he would have had a harder time. Something that Anne noticed was that David was like a sponge, as he used counters that she uses against her, showing that David will manage to learn new things when he puts the effort and his observation skills to use.

During battle, David is completely silent, not wasting words with his opponent, unless that it's something that really and honestly has to say or answer, or make it clear. David will use whatever technique or strategy that he learned to have the battle in his favour, while observing his opponent and the environment closely, trying to pay any attention to whatever thing that could also give him advantatge. These two aspects were something that truly gave him a clear advantatge during his spar with Anne. Depending on the kind of opponent he faces, he would show more or less mercy, as for example, during spars with the Harmony, he obviously would go serious to an extend, although with the Tamed, it would truly depend on the person, as David would show no mercy or will prefer fleeing against truly psychopaths. That doesn't mean that he would put aside what he has to do with the Tamed members that seemed more 'normal', as he would prefer to fight for what he believes rather than be captured and experimented on.

He shows a certain attachment to the blade pendant that he normally wears around his neck, always having it around even during missions and battles, saying that it's a 'good luck' charm and somekind of memento so he can still remember someone dear to him, although he hasn't clarified who that person was to anyone yet. He doesn't like when others would try to take the pendant by force, making him go deeply serious while telling not daring to touch it if they want to keep the arm intact.

:bulletblue: Backstory: Great part of his past is in mistery, since he doesn't want to talk about it, only saying that his necklace is related to that. The only thing of his past that he explained was the moment that he met his parasit and turned into an infected: When he finally arrived at the age of eighteen, he go throught the forest to arrive at his house, using the forest as a shortcut, but he was going to fast and a wound was made in his letf wrist by crashing to a tree; but he started to hear some voices, like if they were chasing something and it they were coming to him. Then he saw a fox like parasit coming from the bushes, and he was very surprised, and a little scared, remembering something about the past. But while he was remembering that, the parasit got inside his body by using the wound on his left wrist. After some seconds, he started to feel pain in his head, and while he was resisting, he saw people of the GG, but after that, all went black to him. When he open his eyes, he saw that he was in a cave, thinking that what happened had to be a dream, but then he hear a voice, his parasit voice. When the parasit explain everything that have happened and that David is an infected now, he ask why did it infected him, and not anyone else, his parasit asked him that if he was in its place in that moment, what would he have done to escape and survive from those GG people, but David said nothing to that, and then he thought that it will be better to leave this place and to go to somewhere, but when he got out, he saw a stranger approaching to him . At first he was cautious, but the newcomer soon revealed herself to be an infected, just like him. The newcomer revealed herself to be part of the Harmony, a group of Infected who were banded against the government and invite him to join the Harmony. He thought about it, and decided it was his best option at the moment, since he didn't know very much about the parasits and the whole thing, and also that it wasn't safe at his house or any other place, so he agreed.
*Parasite info:
:bulletred: Parasite type: Arctic wolf/Red fox hybrid
:bulletred: Parasite name: Ketsu
:bulletred: Origin: This parasit was born in an experiment where the scientists try to make a pup between a red fox and an arctic wolf, but they saw that the hybrid was infertile and they decide to experiment on it, and they finally turned into a parasit. The scientist decide to change the place to experiment on him, and they go throught the forest, with some GG soldiers, but one of the scientist dropped the jar that it was in, and for him it was a chance to escape.
:bulletred: The Infection: The moment that the scientist dropped the jar accidentaly, it use this chance to escape, but the moment was ruined when it say and heard the GG soldiers, but then he heard also steps coming ahead of him, and it saw David surprised and wasn't moving, but it also heard the soldiers coming, so it didn't have another choice to infect him. When he was in control of his body, it attack the soldiers, and knock them out, but he hear more people coming so it decide to get out of that place before any more GG soldiers or persons get there.
:bulletred: Personality: A very silent parasite like his own host, although the parasite never had much freedom even before the infection, leaving him with a feeling of always being from prison to prison, not really any true freedom, even with the parasitic form, as he could still be captured out there, and his life is tied with David's. The lack of comunication between himself and his host sometimes can make things a bit tense between the two, although Ketsu would try to keep David alive, as he still doesn't want to die, like what happened with Eon. Besides that, there isn't much connection between the two, as neither host or parasite didn't think much on interacting with each other.

- When he has time on his own without something to do, he usually starts kicking a soccer ball, due to the fact that when he was little, he was playing a lot that sport.
- After seeing Sharon's Bodybuilder Competition (…), he kinda had developed an atraction towards strong woman, althought not enough to be considered a fetish, still, Anne's teasing about the subject makes him think of it.

Z-Parasites (c) :iconhronawmonstamer:
Chaos and Electricity United By NazoKG
"At the moment you faced me, you have already lost"

We haven't seen this badassery of fusion in a while, so :iconnazokg:, an user which I started to talk and watch recently, and having things in common on what we think about the Sonic lore (XD), made this lovely and incredible picture of Shoni! :D

This user has quite an interesting style, and if you are a fan of Nazo from Nazo Unleashed and the future Wrath of Nazo, from Chakra-X, you may like his comic, Halo on Fire ^-^

Showing ya my electricity! By SupaSilver
Another great comission from :iconsupasilver:, which actually finished it 1 or 2 days... Gal, you sure like to go fast!!!Sonic Mania Full Speed Idle Sonic Mania Running Idle Sonic Running Shadow Run Knuckles run 

But seriously, like I said in… , this girl is one of the best option to watch if you want great traditional Sonic art ;D

Original art:…

Get it from :iconsupasilver:, it sounded interesting :)

And the lucky one is...

Hey guys, been a while! :D by toni987

1. Toni sure loves snacks!

Toni: Do you know how delicious is to feel the cookies, the potato chips, chocolate, peanuts and all that stuff? If I could, I would only those! ouo Although Kasai says that I should have a more varied diet, and he is the expert when it comes to food, so yeah... I can still dream about it. ^^;

2. Toni is more attracted to strong woman

Toni: This is just preference, but I guess I prefer woman that can kick some ass and defend herself, instead of being a damsel in distress all the time. And I suppose that I prefer as well a girl that it's more tomboyish than a girly one, but like I say, it's just my tastes and preferences.

3. Toni enjoys fighting when it comes as a competition

Toni: Do you guys know or remember the Chaos Emerald Championship?  Cec by toni987 Well, that's one example of when I do enjoy fighting, it's a tournament, there are rules and it's very unlikely that you will find a dead match, because honestly, I wouldn't kill my opponent if it was by some silly things as traditions, honour and such. When there are many things in stake, it's when I don't focus much on enjoying the fighting, because the stakes are there. Another circumstance which I do enjoy fighting is when it comes to sparrings because like I said before, normally there aren't crucial things in stake, and there is more focus on improving and such. But if I wanted to explain better, I do enjoy fighting because sometimes I do like to think on what kind of skills or powers might my opponent have, it may be quite unique or rare; or feel excitement to fight a strong one and think on how to beat him/her... Things like that.

4. Toni likes to travel to new places 

Toni: You see, as a kid, I like the thought of seeing new places, to see how the world it was and the different things that were different from each other. Although there were somethings that didn't let me have that dream that I had as a kid come true, when I finally manage to do it, it felt good, but I have to say, the travel itself, can also be a great experience, specially if you are with company. So, I would prefer the experience of going to point A to point B, while enjoying what's in the middle instead of going faster and faster and skip it and being honest, I am glad that I am doing my journey with Icicle and Kasai :)

5. Toni can work as a power generator

Toni: As you may know, I have the ability to use electricity and lightning, and one day, I had discovered that I could be used as a power generator when there was no power in the house, although of course, it would depend on all the gadgets you used and such. Besides, it's not like I can work forever, or I could blow up the structure if I sudden release sudden and powerful bursts of electricity, so yeah... Don't trust me much when it comes to this :XD:

Giphy (2) by toni987

6. Toni dislikes manipulators... A LOT!

Toni: With this, I don't really just mean the kind of people that use psychological manipulation, but also those that dare to use devices or used similar methods such as the Roboticization to erase the free will, although being honest, I hate more the former, as at least you can undo the damage of the later with just doing the opposite process or at least manage to recover the free will in the roboticization or something like that. You see, with the psychological ones, they dare to use such a bunch of lies, showing you different faces instead of their real one, and it's worse if that person starts to get admiration and such for that fake persona, and even though you know that he is faking, you cannot do much until you have proven that he is faking, but the worse comes to the others who had such admiration, respect and trust and all of that breaks apart to them. Can tell you this, if you dare to do it with my friends and I... don't expect to hold back with my punch.

E65b457a3f3f9ede0239c6b7af01e34a41bad63a Hq by toni987

7. Toni likes than he himself and others can be free

Toni: This could be a little hard to explain but I'll try to do my best. Remember what I said earlier about my kid dream, but something happened that didn't let me try to achieve? Well, long story short, it was due to some insecurities that were born from the past, as I was try to hide them while I fight, but all it did was being a burden to myself and others, so I needed to face those insecurities, and after I did that... I felt like I could do anything, I felt... free. After that, I had a clearer mind on what to do, and start to move on with my life. Sometimes, there are things that constrained you, like if they were chains attached to you that they don't let you go and do things like going after your dreams and things like that. Everyone deserves to live their lives at their fullest. 

Freedom  by toni987

And tagging... Nah, too lazy to think on someone, if anyone wants to do it, just do it XD



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