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Panic Attack

Inspired from "Panic Attack" song by Dream Theatre.
But I'm still have more practice my manip...

Stock :

Girl by :iconliam-stock: Hand by :iconbobbistock: Heart by :iconlady-dementia-stock: Texture by :iconlup-stock: Blood Brush by :iconxxlilokaxx: Object from Floor from

Many thanks to :iconlady-dementia-stock: for awesome Room-Making Tutorial.
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Hi! Could I use this picture for a book cover, please? It's a novel about mental insanity. I could put your name in the credits.

Sorry about my english, it's very poor.

I'll wait for your answer, and congratulations for this picture. It's amazing!
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Hi! I'm so sorry it's been a years I never open deviantart.
Sure no problems
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Thank you, very much, my friend!!
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It's horribly defined in much greater levels of art that some people can not understand... and in that sense of beautiful Artistic ability, then I am impressed. nicely done
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That's a little how it feels like. Danger all around you and you are so scared but though it doesn't get/kill you.
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Yeah! Amazing job ;]
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As someone who has found many works on here to describe the feelings one dealing with panic experience, this piece hands down for sure shows the full element of a panic attack. Amazing!
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i like it alot
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It captures the feeling of a panic attack accurately, that sensation of being trapped and suffocating simultaneously. I like the fact that the arm is connected by several wires (or threads, whatever term is most fitting) to the walls, that adds a lot to the picture's effect.
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Love this picture, not only for the song. But for the meaning of panic.. a panic attack does actually feel like someone has takent he hold of your heart.
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thank you so much, hey i like your thought about panic :)
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Yep, great work
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This is so amazing!!! <3 And I love that song, too!

Dream Theater = love! <333
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This is amazing! Great work!
wow! so intense! I wish I knew the meaning behind this.
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this is really great. definitely favouriting this! :D
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hey thank you so much ;)
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You're very welcome! :D

Haha, your icon is funny! =P
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