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Old South Africa - Grunge

AS REQUESTED. The OLD flag of South Africa.

A little tricky to draw, hope the dimensions are all correct.

Made from own textures and 1 amazing texture by Princess of Darkness (thank you!)

On a seperate note - does anyone know how to add a picture under the 'Devious Information' section in the profile? I cant work it out.

Also how about adding a desktop picture? Where is the option to do that... lol

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Awsome. Love this flag. I'll take the nazi flag over the new one anytime.
Beautiful flag, my parents and ouma love it!
great bru..don't listen to that liberal asshole.
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So racists hide behind the anonymity of websites like this and post symbols of oppression. Your nostalgia is disgusting.

I understand the heritage argument to this but just try and understand what it means for the majority of OUR country. Apartheid was a crime against humanity, along with the Holocaust. Shall we also post up the Swastika?
FireFlyExposed's avatar… don't be so over sensitive!
Good grief
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You Are AWESOME for saying that.
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Reminds me of the days when it was save to walk in the streets, even at night.
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Too bad we'll never hear anything beyond a trumpted-up Hollywood sob story...
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Love it Damn!!! great work love the england one 2!!
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Excellent picture. People think it represents racism and apartheid, but it represented prosperity and independence. The new south africa isn't the dream everyone wanted, it's a hellhole with smiles all around.
littlecreator333's avatar
At least it more FAIR.
Arqoi's avatar
Fair for who? Thieves and Rapists? Yes, definitely more fair for them.
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... WIN. Nice one.

Do you happen to have one done of the New one?
Muchly appreciated :)
ITT: Racists :)
Arqoi's avatar
Racist is too overused these days.
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omw - my oup sal jou aanbid :rofl: wher'd u find this?
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Well done on the work. The texture suits it.

The flag , I hate the flag , not your drawing of the flag , but the flag in general.

Thank God , this flag got rid of. So ugly and is the symbolism of apartheid , I think. Thank God for Nelson Mandela.
popaganda77's avatar
Oh god, get over yourself.
andshedreamed's avatar
No, little boy, I'm allowed to have an opinion.

Also, you are replying to a four year old comment, I do not care about this anymore.
Now, please go and do your meaningful things in life than reply to every single comment on this page with "white genocide" angst. It's cute, but it's getting boring.
popaganda77's avatar

Also, lol~little boy. No "little boys" remember Apartheid - and you yourself are simply a deluded, brainwashed prole if you think pointing out a real crime against humanity is somehow "angst". Wow, what an obnoxiously stupid bitch you are. It's pathetic.

Your government is allowing people like you to be murdered for the color of their skin - but that's okay, right? You deserve it for not being negro. You must have been oppressing them :)

As a final note, these manufactured, tired replies like "angst", "it's cute, but...", and trying for the petty, meaningless phrases like "little boy" just make it all the more obvious that you've got nothing to say and just want to take a petty schoolyard jab at someone you don't like. Try harder, life is going to kick your ass if you don't figure out how to act.
-Augustin L.B.
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