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Winter Gun

By tonee89
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A-freaking-mazing, though she ain't gonna feel good wearing that little clothing in that weather.
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whoa for a sec i thought the snow was cum.
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Ak-47 Ftw .Have a big crush for girls holdings guns hahaha
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Aren't u cold, come let me warm u up.
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i know how she writes her name in the snow :3
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 she is holding a big rifle in her hands and is sitting in the snow, i ment shooting her name in it
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Practical application of sexiness in winter, nothing odd about it! Carry on folks~
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Damn, she's so cute. :3

(that goes for the girl and the gun) :3
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You're welcome. I really like your stuff. I'm a fan. :3
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She Looks Like Shes In A Cold Place... Why Isn't She Wearing The Appropriate Clothing?
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I've seen actual women wear stuff like this in real life, so you should ask them. lol

One girl that I've personally seen wore a hat and sweater, but they wore a bikini bottom...... and it was around 30 degrees Fahrenheit and snowing outside. lol Maybe, they do it for attention. Well, they sure got it. lol
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Adorable and sexy :wow:
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AK-47 for everyonez Eah!
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Huh, interesting bit of red on her weapon...
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Shading and style is awsome but... Why isn't she wearing any blouse? She probably will be ill :o

Good kib in drawing gun!
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