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Paint Girl

The less clothes you wear , the better you draw , LOL
Lots of pink-reddish in this one....
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Très belle
Vraiment bien dessiné.
My first thought when I saw this image was "I bet she's drawing fujoshi material" LOL.
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Girl I swear you you are just trying to get on my nerves. You are going to end up kicking that damn cup over as well as absolutely destroy your back bending over like that to draw. -and that's putting aside the most obvious point that you knew I was coming over but you didn't bother to make yourself decent and you just sit there with that smug face and-

Oh... Oh boy you were trying to be seductive and I made this awkward didn't I?
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Love the idea and :giggle: i agree with your caption as this is what i do.. :blush:
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o-o wuts wrong wit chu ppl if u wanna be sexist go somewhere everyone luves sexist stuff.... I mean this is a place for real art not perverted art.. .-. its just gross teens dese days.. TIS PLAY IS A PLACE FOR PASSION AND REAL ART Like anime:3 Oh Yukino wus such a good person in dat show BUT IT GOT REMOVED anywho.. EW 
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Just like you said, this is a site where we post real art, and this is real art, yes its perverted, but it was tagged 18++ so if u chose to get here is your choice man... don't complain about stuff u have been fairly warned about.
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Vary sexy but not to slutty ferry nice
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god im dying of a mega huge hard erotic very visable boner :iconpervplz:
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can you make this into a puzzle in your gifts
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I do the same thing XD
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Sit in a well lit room while watching this. XD
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then she should nude!!! :D
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is she using a wacom cintiq
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Nice menos n_n
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Ahh! Is that true? My PC is in my cold basement, so I'm usually so bundled up. No wonder I can't even put out a good stick figure!
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WOW! :wow: So sexy!!! :love:
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se uita la tv sau se joaca la calc?
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Meganekko Moé! o.0
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