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Triangle Rasterizer APE

By TomyLobo
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this is a development version. please, do not include it in any packs as this could cause future version conflicts. if you want to release a pack using triangle.ape, point your users at my devart page or this deviation
it's an APE for drawing triangles :)
it's codable.
For a manual, refer to triangle.txt in the .zip
© 2004 - 2021 TomyLobo
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TomyLobo, can u send me that AVS that you used as picture here at deviantART?
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Dark Matter, if you use Winamp 2 and 3 the triangle APE doesn't work.
The Triangle APE and the other APEs by TomyLobo are suitable only for Winamp 5.
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What about texture mapping, or would it suck to much fps?
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yes, it would suck... much fps, too :)
it doesnt have vertext shading yet either, because of the slowness
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weeeee, first comment!
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too bad, it looks really cool in some cases
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What a very very handy ape indeed, although its a slight nuisance having to triplicate code for each vertex in a triangle. Guess that's more down to AVS's lack of decent code structure tho.

I also noticed that triangles that share a common side overlap slightly. It really shows up in additive blend. Is it possible to fix that?
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it is, but it would look bad on some triangle configurations :(
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how about the option?

filledge=0; // fill inside edge
filledge=1; // fill along edge

perhaps? ;)
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i'd have to duplicate nearly the whole code for that ^^
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you mean gouraud shading?
I tried it and ran into some problems :(
i don't wanna write this without it being fast ;)
so i'm looking for a more experienced asm/mmx coder who has time for this and wants to do it :)
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TomyLobo: why isn't a standard color interpolation between vertices ok for vertex color? You'd only have to determine the distance between vertices...
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harr... harr... harr...!
this is getting fast! weee....
FUCK da gpu, cpu can do aaall juust fine =)
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already came across to this on #finnish-flash, quite a neat ape :)
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wa 2.91 with avs 2.81b?
better get wa5.03
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Heh =(
I dont know why but AVS Crashes every time i attempting add itt =|

WA v 2.91
Vis_Avs.dll v 2.81b
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Awesome! Some very cool effects can be achieved with this!
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Weee first comment

so it finally happened eh? Better download and check it out...
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