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Automated AVSTrans APE (beta)



wee! i finally made it!
With some help from Jaak (and some nice ppl in a c++ help channel :)), i translated AVSTrans to C++!
After doing this, it was only a minor step to integrating AVSTrans into my existing eeltrans.ape (which used the VB AVSTrans via COM before).
Now, eeltrans.ape is completely self-contained and can thus be spread along with a preset for example :)
Also, it can now be used without admin rights and should also run fine on wine.

This APE should do the same as the latest VB version. if it doesnt, or if it crashes or outputs strange errors that the VB version doesnt, plz send me the code piece that causes the problems and I'll see what i can do about it.

The APE also has a code logger that writes all your code into various files in c:\avslog

have fun with it :)
manual coming soon :)

The latest VB Version is available here: [link]

- major fixup: code saving and displaying works now. crashes less often.

- I fixed and changed the behaviour of global code. You can now have multiple instances of AVSTrans concurrently and even specify global code for each one. The code will simply be concatenated in this case. There should be no more "Instance conflict" dialog boxes or lost code.

- gmegabuf loading should be much faster with this new version and the upcoming version 1.1 of Jheriko's Global Variable Manager

- You can now include external files using "#include filename". Refer to eeltrans.txt for more information and an example.
- log path is now customisable

- allowed things like a=b=c; (assigns the value of c to a and b)

- crash bug fixed that would occur if "*)*(*;*)*" was entered, where * is any combination of characters (except brackets) including no characters at all. thx fsk for first reporting this (very vaguely though :))
- some optimisations

- hopefully everything in the #defines fixed :)
- fixed a bug that prevented loading the settings when switching from one eeltrans preset to another

- added documentation
- fixed config dialog grabbing focus when loaded
- fixed a (stupid) bug in the #defines that prevented using token identifiers longer than 1 character :)
- fixed another bug in the #defines that prevented some uses of the token insertion operator (##) not to work

- fixed freezing when entering incomplete #defines
- fixed freezing when having bracket errors while using macros
- fixed a stupid bug in the code logger that caused it to crash when entering code with "%" in it

- improved preset changing behaviour (will not delete the AVSTrans component anymore)
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