Sun Xerneas and Moon Yveltal?

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This is a joke, I can tell
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I'm guessing someone used your art for the pic in the journal, or did you do this? XD
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You over exaggerated your own design.
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I know this is fake but SHIT IT LOOKS COOL
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SpadeTheWolf's avatar!!! XD
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Dude, Yveltal looks more awesome than before! XD

I'm totally gonna get Moon♡
Gotta love Lunaala! :D
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I just have one question,,,, is Sun and Moon Cannon
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yes the game is .3.. if thats what you're asking :3
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Probably fake, but the designs are really cool
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I'm pretty sure this is fake, when have they ever reused a legendary, other then a few specify cases I can't think of any outside of spin off games (such as the ranger games) and have you seen the ability of some people, they can copy the pokemon style. I don't think I'll buy it.

That being said I'm going for Sun for the legendary that has been shown.
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No fair! now I want both games!
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totally picking sun, I need sawsbuck god 2.0
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Yveltal all the way!
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