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Weaponized Empress

By Tomycase
What if Empress used the Sumeragi's Glaive fromthe DLC not as a sword, but just like the bosses in Gunvolt?
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What's her Signature Move?

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She would be an awesome DLC boss for Gunvolt
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I just realized you gave her a tail. I thought that was an extension of her Dragon Arm at first. It's a good look for her.
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Dunno who that is but DAMN, THAT IS BADASS
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Thanks ^^
It is from Dragon Marked for Death
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Is that your OC???
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Nope! It is the Empress from Dragon Marked for Death, with a Gunvolt's bosses fashioned armor
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Good, no make me cry with our beloved iron maiden blood tsundere ;^; and the shy snake gal, those are the only 2 enemis i would save
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Looks awesome
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black rock shooter + gurren lagann!
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My only complaint about this game was the characters were super static. There wasnt whole lot to them once you mastered them. 
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I also feel that pain, I hope that big update they have planed fixes that.
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On ne la fera plus chier maintenant. :)
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C'était déjà pas trop le cas avant alors là x)
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I'm in freaking love
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Freakin' awesome, like usual!
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