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Ultra Sun/Moon : Ultra Necrozma

By Tomycase
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Pokemon USUM have leaked and revealed some delicious secrets, and one of them is the true form of Necrozma; 
It was quite a challenging art, this form is at the same time awesome and very complex to draw :')

But maybe some of you will ask "Why isn't he golden just like in the game?"
I decided to keep the black prisms because I like the B/W contrast better, but don't worry, I also made the golden version, you can check it here :…

I hope you will like it! Gettin' hype for Ultra Sun/Moon?
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This would make a fantastic shiny form.

The existing bluish-white shiny is still cool, but not as cool as keeping the solid parts black.

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Can't wait to get to this point in the game. Too bad I'm lazy ^^;
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i know im likely very late into this but be VERY ready for him. hes basicly super hard and can sweep you very easily
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I used Zoroark disguised as a Golbat and owned Necrozma with Toxic and Foul Play.
scottthesaiyanknight's avatar
well thats more or less the ai being stupid
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When I fought Ultra Necrozma,I didn't realize he was part Dragon-type until I used Oceanic Operetta on him.That battle was one of the hardest I ever fought,with my number one being Totem Lurantis.
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Yes...yes the contrast between the holy light and the dark necrozma pieces. this should have been the design they chose.
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This SHOULD be the real coloration: Black and White. GOD that would be beautiful to see in-game. This Art is gorgeous (Im not from english country, so i dunno, but i mean beautiful with gorgeous)
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Necrozma, battle-wise, left incredibly terrible impressions on me.

Battle in Sun: Sat Muk on him and watched him fail.
First battle in Ultra Sun: Curb-stomped by Primarina's Z-Move.
Second battle in Ultra Sun: Much more impressive outing until I threw Muk at him again.
Third battle in Ultra Sun: Caught with a single Quick Ball.

This dude is saddddd. But at least he's fun to throw at trainers.
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I don't know about you, but this man's second battle, if you aren't prepared, is easily the hardest battle ever conceived in a main series Pokemon game.

Base stat total of 754, 167 in both attacking stats, and 129 Speed. The highest stats of any Pokemon that you'd have seen up to that point and the strongest moves, with Photon Geyser attacking with whichever damaging stat is higher, Smart Strike, Power Gem and Dragon Pulse to cover almost any threat. The awkward type of Psychic/Dragon makes it a pain to take out, especially considering the type coverage that it has. While it has no attacks to directly cover Dark, it's other three moves are pretty good at handling them since most Dark types aren't the best damage dealers or they're frail as glass. Not to mention the Totem aura that gives it +1 in every stat except accuracy and evasion. I had to spam defensive X items and got lucky when it missed a Photon Geyser to heal and keep spamming them into Decidueye. Eventually I did just Sinister Arrow Raid and ohko it, but the fact that I had to buy X items to defeat this Pokemon is beyond absurd.
FieryExplosion's avatar
Perhaps. I mean, I myself had only beaten him with X items, but then again the game had practically forced me to use them in several situations before and so I had gotten a better grasp at using them. But that's just my playthrough, and we both probably had different teams and different strategies.

Also I was kind of overleveled, so that might also account for something.
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also ultra necrozma has an ability that raises the power of super effective moves by 20 precent. and once you get him you find out that hey it can also learn lunala and solgaleos signature moves not to mention it can use a z move itself! and its z move is rediculous. base 200 power move that has both photon geyser AND mold breakers effects at the same time. when i first found out about this thing along with the huge bundle of new moves necrozma got from move tutors i thought this thing was gonna be as broken as mega rayquaza or near it
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I wasn't overly impressed with Necrozma when he was revealed in Sun and Moon. Then the games got their Ultra makeover, and...

Well, I'n not sure I'd say he's my favorite Pokemon ever, but I've grown to like him quite a bit more since we got more of his lore. And yeah, I agree with a previous comment: I wish this was how his ultimate form looked. Still pretty cool, regardless.
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Amazing art! I love the contrast here of the burning light body with the prism armor fragments left on its body from its "sealed form" and wish this was the actual version but I still love Necrozma and probably will for a long time. Definitely my favorite Pokemon other than Giratina.
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ok I cant be the only one seeing a "Lucifer the fallen angel" motif going on here right?
an angelic being bathed in light that became a dark entity regarded as a beast and Dragon in religious texts
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My good sir, this is by far the BEST Ultra Necrozma artwork I have found since the game's release. I freaking LOVE this form and your art has done it justice. Top quality. :D

(May I send you a note about a question I have regarding this one? This art is seriously the best I have seen and I would like to ask some things in regards to availability. :D)
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I love this god like!
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How long did it take you to beat Ultra Necrozma? I one shot him with a critical hit Moonblast from my Primarina.
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I don't have the game, and don't plan to have it
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That looks amazing and totally cool! :D
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