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Pokemon Gold Beta - Noctowl

By Tomycase
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Here is the beta Noctowl, closer in design to its pre-evolution ^^
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At first, I though this one was some sort of Pidgey
NerdOfAllTrades's avatar
I actually prefer this over the final design, so fan art is cool, especially when it's well done like this.
cosmoryu's avatar
I really loved this concept when the first time I saw it, it also gives me Pidgeot/Pidgeotto vibes tbh
Naruttebayo67's avatar
un mix entre roucoups et hoothoot :D
DunLikeASparce's avatar
Something about this one makes me wish they had used this in some fashion, like it would be an alternate evolution for the Hoothoot family; it's just so cool looking. What if Hoothoot were to evolve into this or Noctowl's current design based on the day/night cycle, like how Eevee can evolve into either Espeon or Umbreon?
Also, nice job drawing this.
draconic13's avatar
totally looks more like a midstage between hoothoot and noctowl. 
SpireEx's avatar
As if it were a middle stage evolution then...:plotting: xD
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Really amazing the way this is! Keep doing a ton more okay?
Diabolik91's avatar
I love it. He's so fat and angry XD
O9bz3's avatar
I really like this design, glad you decided to do it
doonser's avatar
Lmao am I the only person who thinks Hoohoo looks really derpy or
K-E-Y-K-O's avatar
Ce noarfang est vraiment stylé je trouve. :)
zerotheultimate's avatar
this looks more like hoothoot evolution than the real one
RedCatStudioArt's avatar
Bring Back Borbtowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TheShadowHatter's avatar
Mad we didn't get this variation. Honestly way cooler than the current Noctowl IMO.
dAMizan's avatar
lol but it looks like a one-legged Pidgey or Pidgeot. That's probably why they changed it xD 
Goddra2's avatar
That was exactly my thought. It looks strikingly like a Pidgey variant.
Drachi-Dragojianer's avatar
The beta is definitely better! Pity that it was not taken
Miguelink-Freepony's avatar
A B S O L U T E   U N I T
julijem's avatar
AhhHh! these have all been great so far!! Im especially fond of this bird cuz its so s l e e k
megamaster135's avatar
XD It looks like a pudgy pidgey!
Meta-Akira's avatar
A good round borb.
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