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Necrozma Dawn Wings

By Tomycase
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This is the last thing I was expecting about Necrozma powers, it's a surprising surprise =D
I'm not diggin at 100% with those designs, but I admit that they have a lot of good details, even if this one was especially hard to draw ^^'

I hope you'll like it, of course the Solgaleo form will come next, but until then, enjoy!
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I have this Pokemon in my Ultra Moon team
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necrozma just realised how much it can hold
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I personally love the random Necrozma bits on the fusions. To me at least, it gives a sense that it's trying to rebuild itself after being thrown into a new dimension
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I think its good,it stays true to the character and the hands make me think that it could have a power of somesort
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I love how you drew this dude :D 
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il fait type glace je sais pas pourquoi XD
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Ultra lunala looks more weaponized than a fusion... 
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Ultra-Lunala is definitely the better looking one.
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my favorite of the two
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I don't really like the design on this. The hands are weird, they shouldn't be there, but otherwise it's nice. Your artwork is just like the original, maybe even better.
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Yes, I have the feel that they could have spent more time on this design because of those hands; but in the case they wanted something really weird to look at, they succeded
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Well she can finally pick things up I guess. 
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It looks like Lunala has been submitted to corruption by Necrozma
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We'll have to see till E3 to know Whether Solgaleo and Lunala have been corrupted or not.
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Amazing! This art is very true looking to the original artwork. I can't wait to see what US and UM have in store.
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That looks so beautiful and cool! :D
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