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Metroid 30th

By Tomycase
Art for the 30th Anniversary of the Metroid series!

I'll be honest, I didn't know where I was going with this art ^^' 
My new computer hasn't an as good screen as my previous one, and it's hard to manage that much colors now :/
But I hope that you'll like it! Enjoy!
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One of my favorite pieces of art it's really simple but has much to it
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You're welcome!
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This si just amazing dude. Honestly even though I sadly haven't played much of the Metroid games, is my favorite Nintendo franchise.

This picture here is the real deal, just amazing!
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Dude this is BOSS, Excellent work man! You play AM2R yet?
Tomycase's avatar
Yes I even finished it ^^
Neonterror36's avatar
Neat, how many times did you die to the turret boss? Because that thing DESTROYED me like 27 times in a row before I killed him.
Tomycase's avatar
None, it was hard but I beat it first time ^^
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This has to be one of the best fanarts of Samus I have ever seen. The shading and dynamic pose are so inspired! Breath-taking work!! :D
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Thank you very much! =D
StratusWind's avatar
No problem! I'll definitely take a look into your gallery soon :D
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can i but a print of this?
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This is SO GOOD!!! I want this to be a poster in my room!!! 
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Really dynamic!! I love it!!
Absolhunter251's avatar
Now that is beautiful!!
Absolhunter251's avatar
Your very welcome!
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Excellent tribute! It's just too bad the Metroid series itself isn't doing equally well these days.
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this is absolutely gorgeous, fantastic work! thank you so much!
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