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My artwork for Mega-Scizor ^^
As Alakazam, there is only screenshots and videos about the monster, so I used Scizor artwork as a reference for the colors ~
The posing wasn't easy, f*ck these clips xD

EDIT : I added the shiny version based on Scizor original shiny colors, after someone suggested it ~ 

Enjoy! ^0^
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Dude, someone named Verlisify just stole your mega scizor artwork without permission for his latest clickbait video. Just an FYI :)

that's.. exactly right
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(。・ω・。)ノ♡it looks so cool . i like it !
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Or as I call it, Chainsaw: The Pokémon! >.o
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mega scizor always reminded me of deoxys
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It looks very Deoxys-like.
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One of my favorites pokemon. Lovely like Pinsir, Heracross etc... etc.... etc.... lmao.
Sprry for my english.
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He should just Mega Evolve into a giant pair of scissors..

But that's just me
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Nice. Now I know what a Shiny Scizor is now, even Mega-Evolved
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I'm doing this minimalist request and the requestee has asked me to use the normal image as a reference for part of the art. I have no issues with giving you credit for the work, and I'd much prefer using your art versus the official art since that is what the requester is asking for. If not, that's fine I'm not about to use an artists' work without his or her permission.
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Errrr, so you want to...?
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I would like to use it in one of my minimalists. If that is ok with you, if not I'm willing to just use another image.
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Ah, ok, no problem
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Thank you very much.
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Y'a VRAIMENT que moi qui pense qu'il ressemble légèrement à un ninja ?
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This is so awesome. I might have to print this on a Playmat! If that's OK of course. :)
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Err no that's not ok. Certainly not.
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May I use your picture as an avatar?
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I think it's to late for an answer?
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What? I already made my new avatar!
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