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Mega Raticate (Fake)

By Tomycase
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So, what do you think about my Mega Raticate? ^^
Enjoy ;)
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kinda looks like something gamefreak would do. but instead.
"boss. here's the new mega form for raticate."
"no I have better idea. look."
"y-you literally just took regular raticate and made him... french."
"exactly. you would get it if you watched ratatouille."
"......... ok"
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Mega Raticate
Type: Normal
Ability: Strong Jaw
Attack: 121 (+40)
Defence: 80 (+20)
Special Attack: 50 (+0)
Special Defence: 80 (+10)
Speed: 127 (+30)
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The opposing Raticate's Raticite is reacting to Youngster Joey's Mega Cap!
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hello can i use this in pokemonpets game?
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comon only this one :D
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raticate needs this evolution
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Gotta Move That Gear Up~
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It's in the top percentage of raticate
The only issue is finding someone who's raticate has a lot of friendship *^_^#*
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I could see youngster joey being all grown up, and being the new champion on pokemon sun and moon, and having this as his last pokemon. A Mega Raticate could possibly lose his normal type.... and could become fighting and dark. Or maybe (just maybe) dragon and steel. For the dragon and steel, it could have metal teeth and metal claws or something like that.
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great! very simple but still so great!
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Badass now imagine it were Normal/Dark type and had Strong Jaws as it's ability. I hope Raticate gets a Mega like this with a stat boost to its speed and attack.
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That's exactly what I thought
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Because it gets Strong Jaws, the power of it's Hyper Fang will be increased to an insane degree and I'd love to see Raticate suddenly become amazing out of nowhere.
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Once again probably better then what Nintendo would come up with. Real nice. Yung Joey can finally solo the Elite 4 with 1 mon!
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I thought this was legit... xD LOVE IT.
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This is an amazing Raticate!
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Very intimidating. Wouldn't want to get hit by that hyperfang.
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