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Mega Infernape V2

By Tomycase
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For those who were here back in 2015, you might remember my Mega Sinnoh starters :
Mega Sinnoh Starters by Tomycase I've always been very unsatisfied by my Infernape design, I was very uninspired back in the days, and never really like what I did with this mega.
Recently I was taking a look at my mega designs and suddenly had the inspiration for a new version of Mega Infernape, so I gave it a try;

I must say that I am very satisfied of this new design, as I managed to keep it simple and yet different enough, and not too close to other M-Infernape designs (which are numberous), and finally moved from the insatisfaction of my old design :D

I hope you will like too!
(also please, don't propose Mega suggestions, I don't wish to go back to Pkmn art until I really feel inspired just like here, thank you ~)
(Also I maybe plan to redo Mega Torterra too, nothing sure tho)
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Hey I love the job you did on this fakemon and was wondering if I could post this on my Youtube channel for a video? I would obviously give credit in the description as well as in the video! here are some examples if you would like to see!…
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Excuse me, can i draw in pixel art to put in my fan-game? :D (i will do the same thing with Torterra and Empoleon).
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You can, but not for your fangame, not before I saw anything about the game in question ^^
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Oh. Really sorry, im still workin about script code in my fan game :/ Also, i made Mega Zoroark :D cuz him (Zorua in case) and Riolu will be my Starters :)
Please check my pixel srt in my profile <3

So, what you want to know about my game to give permission to use your art if i draw it like Pixel Art?

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Sarutobi should summon this someday! It would fit his awesomeness.
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I hope sometime we could watch an animated sprite of this version. It looks really badass
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This pokemon alwatys reminds me of Hanumachine from MMZ1 and MMZ3. Nice mega design!
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Funny you say that because both Infernape and Hanumachine are based on the same character called Sun Wukong from Journey to the West.
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actually I was pretty sure they were based on Hanuman, the indian (?) monkey god. although researching it, we could both be right! Sun wukong himself was very likely influenced by hanuman's portrayals
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Yeah, both are correct. I just mentioned Sun Wukong since he's more recognisable. But there's definitely Wukong in both Infernape and Hanumachine, what with the golden swirls on Infernape, and the weapon Hanumachine wields.
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i have a weird family; i know waaaay more about hanuman than sun wukong lol.
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If you don't mind me asking, are you maybe Indian? Would make sense you would know more about Hanuman than Wukong. But if not, still cool.
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nah. white as... er, paper? that's not a good metaphor actually... anyways. My mom went on a trip to some thai areas, I wish I could remember the names, and she brought back some art. One such piece featured hanuman, and was actually pretty cool!
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The fact they share the same color scheme and same design theme probably helps a lot x)
Thanks! :D
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Awesome design! You draw fire so flowy and dynamic, its so cool La la la la 
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This is so awesome!!
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The golden rings are perfect
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