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Mega Camerupt and Mega Sharpedo

Hell Yeah =D
A lot of speculations are made about these two, since the enemy team boss each have their mega-gem;
So I tried my own design for M-Camerupt and M-Sharpedo; the easier to imagine was Camerupt, Sharpedo was somehow harder to change, I think he should look more fast and agressive ~ 

So I hope you'll like these two! ^^ Enjoy!
You can see a photo of the line here :…
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pl4ntm4n's avatar
Your Mega Camerupt doesn't quite match the official one IMO, but god damn, your Mega Sharpedo is SO MUCH FUCKING BETTER than what we got.
Lillsworld's avatar
These are waaaay better than the official ones! 
coolometer's avatar
Still amazing as usual.
SOLDIERpride's avatar
m0osegirlhunter's avatar
I love these two.I wish it was the real thing.
Fuzunga's avatar
Too bad you don't work for Game Freak.
BlazingFire25's avatar
Your versions of pokemon are better than the official ones, Sharpedo looks so badass in this. The official one just tattooed him up and made Camerupt a  broom >.> An single extra tattoo wouldn't hurt though :P
StaticEvolution's avatar
I like yours more than the original^^
May i ask the process which you use to create these? 
HsnWampy's avatar
BETTER than the originals, most of all Sharpedo. Both Camerupt are beautiful
UrsaJr's avatar
I don't mind both the camerupt from both sides but I prefer your sharpedo. Art style is not overly done and is quite balanced, but the one that nintendo made is weird, the nose shape is long and spiked, and for some reason I don't like pokemon beards which these qualities are anatomically weird. I guess I don't like sharpedo's design because it resembles a battle ship and not a torpedo. Still mega of these two will be useful in battle.
Pristichampsus's avatar
The spiked nose is not "anatomically weird" at all, it is based on sawfish, relatives of sharks.
UrsaJr's avatar
Omg I forgot the saw fish but atleast the saw fish is flat, so we get the feeling that it's a bottom dweller. And well bottom dwellers can vary in shapes. I never really though about sharpedo being a one. Maybe I am still over thinking it.
Pristichampsus's avatar
Swordfish are fast swimmers like sharks, and still have a big nose...

Anyone who criticizes official designs is over-thinking it, in my opinion. Complaining will not change it or make it go away.
UrsaJr's avatar
Dude...I have been trying to keep it cool. I never commented about speed at all. Did you not read the part where I said "these two will be useful" so duh, I know it won't change, it's not like it's wrong for me to express what I think though, too. I criticize because maybe I want some curious people to see what I think and vice versa, I want to see other's opinion. 
Pristichampsus's avatar
I meant, you say that a long nose fits with a bottom dweller, but a swordfish swims in the water column like a shark. I was not talking about stats. Also, posting your opinions means that it can be criticized freely.
o0DIABLO0o's avatar
This mega camerupt is better than the true ! Tu m'as compris x)
DeBlob-hatena's avatar
I like your mega sharpedo better... ;p
Distortedsweeper's avatar
Happy pirate noises.
MarvinBa's avatar
Honestly, I love these so much better XD
PixelMoniac's avatar
well... these look way better it has to be said, im usually an optomist about mega designs but these were just some of the worst ive seen, a carpet camel which just looks like its been fused with magcargo and a sharpedo with as many extra details as possible, sorry game freak but this time you aint pleased too many fans... on the bright side gallade looks nice ^_^ oh and since im here i absolutely love the nice simple detail on these designs, very few fans designs look like they can pass as legitimate designs and these most cerainly do, honestly my favourite of all your megas
Pristichampsus's avatar
I hope you realize how cliche and pointless it is to say that fan-art is better than the actual thing. Guess who gets payed loads to make pokemon designs, NOT FANARTISTS!
PixelMoniac's avatar
this site is about giving feedback to artists and it is a compliment on their work and makes them feel good about it that is the point, also i'm pretty sure i'm allowed to express my views so do these poor commenters a favor and stop pointing out that they have an opinion
Pristichampsus's avatar
Having an opinion and voicing it gives others free reign to disagree and criticize their opinion. I'm just saying, insulting the original designs will not make them go away...
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