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Medabot - Metabee Redesign

By Tomycase
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Another Medabot redesign in a very mechanised style, also trying different mecha style ^^
~ Enjoy!
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You know, I've seen various official upgraded version of Metabee, they all look cool but I like the original design.
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Metabee got steroids.
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Awesome i love this style yo should draw the medabot Redrun with this style
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Great job making this! Really hope you'll go on and make more like this!
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My heart :') 

I love your art style bro! 
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Damn nice, You really nailed it. If someone would say this was drawn by Nakayama, they would be fooled for sure!
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Well that's a meager upgrade 
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Cool. Actually this reminded me that the owner of Metabots is making an announcement on Nov 26 to tie into the franchises 20th anniversary.
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C'est clair que ça change de notre enfance. :)
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What the Unholy Fuck!? Metabee ZX or what? (and yes I'm very astonished, in a positive way btw).
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Heck you got me with this one <3
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ultimate metabee!
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How do you do those robot designs? I would get a headache from trying to do that.
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I got used to it I guess ^^
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Understandable have a good day

(In all seriousness, yup, it makes sense.)
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It is a cool design, but for Metabee it seems a bit too... busy? If that makes sense?
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That's why it is called a redesign ;)
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True, but I found it difficult to focus on a part or the over-all design as there is a lot happening.
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no, it does make sense
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