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Johto Mega Starters

Yes, it's finally done! :la:
That was my project since few days yet, and I found the motivation to draw them this week x)
I was pretty dissatisfied by my Mega-Typhlosion artwork, but now I made the changes I really like this new one =D
Btw, you can see little modifiations on each one ~

Enjoy! o/
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Sup Tommy! i'm a follower of your work for a long, really long time! xD

So, i'm doing a Game of pokemon based in my country, Brazil. and i'm a big fanboy of mega evolutions, also i'm a typhlosion fag since my children days.

i want to do a full rework of typhlosion in my game, cause this pokemon deserves more.

and i really love your mega typhlosion design.

since pokemon insurgence and some games alredy used it. i want to know if you can give dme autorization to use your johto mega designs on sprites in the game.

of course i will put not only your name in the in-game credits but i will put it in the FB Page and in the TXT archive of the game.

if i need the autorization of the insurgence team too, i will go after it.

thanks, i really hope you can give me a OK.

have a great day!

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Good job, man! I really wish these MegaEvolutions would be real!! Especially Typhlosion, since he is my favourite Pokémon!
Ok I tried more than a year ago, lemme try again lol. Would you mind me using these amazing guys for my rom hack?
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These designs are already used for a romhack sorry
But just out of curiosity, is it because you want them to be in one hack only or because the hackers don't want them to be in any other hack?
Oh man... You're talking about Insurgence and Adventure Red, right? I really didn't see this coming... didn't think you'd mind about seeing your megas in more than one game... What a bummer, I had even made the MegaTyphlosion sprite already. Oh well...
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Are you the design artist for Pokemon Insurgence? If yes than that's pretty cool, if not then..well..they took your design
Ok I tried more than a year ago, lemme try again lol. Would you mind me using these amazing guys for my rom hack?
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I think you replied to the wrong person
Oops! My bad ^^
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I am not but they have my authorisation
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Oh ok glad to here that! Really like the designs^^
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My ideas

Meganium: Grass/Psychic

Typhlosion: Fire/Ground

Feraligatr: Water/Dragon
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Nice concept drawings, and I can probably think of the typings, abilities, and stat spreads for them.

Name - Type - HP/ATK/DEF/SPATK/SPDEF/SPEED/Total - Ability

Mega Meganium - Grass - 80/102/140/103/140/60/625 - Filter
Mega Typhlosion - Fire/Ground - 78/144/78/129/85/120/634 - Reckless
Mega Feraligatr - Water/Dark - 85/155/120/79/103/88/630 - Tough Claws

For some additional bonuses, Typhlosion would finally be able to learn Earth Power. Of course, that would pretty much be redundant if Mega Typhlosion is physical-oriented, as it can rely on Flare Blitz, Earthquake, and Wild Charge for its primary physical attacks.
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I think their types could be Grass/Fairy, Water/Ice and Fire/Dark. They look epic!
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I really love how you did Meganium since it doesn't get a lot of recognition and love how you added the leaf helmet for it and also the rest are amazing.
These are the types I think it they should be.

Grass/Dragon orrr Grass/Fairy



(Inspired choices by many people here. ;>)
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tbh probably the only reason we don't have johto trio megas is because these designs are so great gamefreak doesnt wanna plagiarize 
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Hmm, so Meganium has a good variety of Psychic type moves, so Meganium should be a Psychic type, as it's 2nd typing, next Typhlosion should be a Fighting type, since it knows a good variety of Fighting type moves, and Dark type for Feraligatr, since it knows Crunch, and their abilities should be Magic Bounce for Meganium since it knows Light Screen and Reflect, Moxie for Typhlosion because it knows good Physical Moves, and Strong Jaw for Feraligatr, boosting Crunch, and Ice Fang, leaving them balanced.
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nice ideas but typhlosion is more of a special based attacker. the other 2 seem on point though.
Hmm... for feraligatr, it should be Water/Dragon type.
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does it have any good dragon moves outside of dragon dance?
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VERY nice designs :D
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