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Fully Charged

My interpetation of Megaman new cartoon design! Enjoy! o/
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The show was okay, and I liked it!

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Only if it was real tho :(

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Harmonious Harmony
                   -Ice Man
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love the neon design!
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Very impressive the way you drew him this way!
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I wish he looked like this.
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I love the design for megaman in the cartoon...

... but that's as far as it goes for me. I love how this came out though <3
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I showed my friend who loves Mega Man a clip from this cartoon, and he flipped. It made him so angry, but I personally find Mega Man's design to be alright
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I watch the cartoon and it's alright.
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Ah, the shading in the picture made me think that it'd be pretty cool to have a shot entirely in the dark with the charged mega buster being the only source of illumination.

Haven't seen the new show, but I do love the way you draw this design. Kind of like a fusion of the art for the X and Zero games. Chunky on the head; arms; and legs, but smooth and sleek on the torso.
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I'm glad that you like it ^^
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He looks pretty epic l was not aware MegaMan had a new show.
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Thanks ^^
It's called Megaman Fully Charged, inspired by the games but only inspired as it is its own thing, you should take a look, some people like it, some don't ^^
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The show does look interesting I'll definitely give it a shot when lale the time :) thank you for the information :D
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"The Good Guild." What sort of name for the heroes is that?!
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a name for a children's show group. 
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Just because it's a children's show doesn't mean the names have to be so idiotic like that. I've seen lots of kids shows with better named groups in it.
-I.E. Megaman NT Warrior, which had "NEBULA," and "BASTION" and "Net Agents."
-Sonic X, which has G.U.N. (short for Guardian Units of Nations).
-TMNT, which has "The Purple Dragons."
-Bionicle, which has "The Order of Mata Nui" and "The Brotherhood of Makuta."
-Kingdom Hearts, which has "The Organization XIII."

Those are some group names in kids shows I can think of off the top of my head.

My point is that it being a kids show isn't a good excuse for them to be lazy with the naming of the groups like this, since all those other kids shows had better named groups than "The Good Group." I really hate that Kids Show manta, when I've seen so much saying otherwise.
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personally I don't mind it as much s you do. 
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